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Prince Harry, William’s ‘forced smiles’ laid bare by body language expert

William and Harry ‘need to meet pain move into forgiveness

The tensions between Prince Harry and his brother Prince William are no secret, and a body language expert says their photos in recent outings are proof of their worsening relations.

Body language expert Judi James was quoted by The Daily Star saying that Prince William and Prince Harry looked ‘happier’ than ever after the arrival of Kate Middleton following her marriage to William in 2011, however, they now have ‘forced smiles’.

“William probably never looked happier and more relaxed than when he was with Kate and Harry,” said James.

She added: “The balance of the trio relationship seemed to suit him perfectly… Harry might have been emphatic during his promos for Spare about their lives taking different paths after Diana died, but photos seem to disprove that. All three show body language signs of a deep, sibling-style relationship.”

The expert then shared how starkly their body language seems to have changed in recent years, saying: “Smiles look forced and fake. There is no longer any need to suppress a shared sense of humor because the disconnect between the brothers is occurring.”

“The touch rituals, where William, Kate, and Harry would stand with their arms around one another in a signal of being a strongly-bonded team, have gone,” James continued.

She then explained: “Partly out of necessity as the outings as a foursome are more formal here, but there is a non-verbal underlining of the lack of desire to touch or connect as they stand with hands clasped in front of their torsos in a barrier ritual.” 

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