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Prince Harry ‘will see the Queen before returning to America within next 24 hours’

The Duke of Sussex is reportedly making an imminent return to be with his pregnant wife Meghan Markle and son Archie but not before seeing his grandmother the Queen

According to the news, it seems that the Duke of Sussex is going to miss the celebration of his grandmother’s 95-year-old on Wednesday but reports say that he make a trip to see her before returning to the United State. For birthday on April 21 prominent female members of the royal family have set up a rota to visit the Queen.

Because the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral is understood to be, Prince Harry traveled to the UK in so much “desperate” to return to the US to be with his pregnant wife, Meghan Markle. He bluntly replied: “No, I’m told not I’ve been told he’s due to go in the next 24-hours. 

“It is a shame but he is due to see the Queen before he goes.

“The royals have organized an unofficial rota system so the Queen will not be alone on her birthday – we can guarantee that.

“I think it is very important as a lot of families have had to do, to try to have a period of togetherness whether it is on socially distant walks or through Zoom calls.” Rumors stated that there is more chance that on April 21 as the Duke purchased an open ticket for his return to America, The Express reports Prince Harry would stay in the UK for the Queen’s birthday.

But Mr. Myers explained that the prince would be returning to his heavily pregnant wife in the US who is expected to give birth sometime in June. And Meghan Markle could not be able to attend the funeral of Prince because she was advised by her doctors to stay at home due to her pregnancy.

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