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Journalist Stands Firm on Kevin Federline’s Alleged Accusation of Britney Spears’ Meth Use During Extensive Interview


Journalist Daphne Barak Presents Unseen Video Evidence Amid Controversy Over Quotes Allegedly Attributed to Kevin Federline About Britney Spears In the ongoing saga surrounding Kevin Federline’s denial of quotes attributed to him regarding Britney Spears in journalist Daphne Barak’s recent articles for The Sun and Daily Mail, new developments have emerged.

It has been reported that Barak possesses several hours of previously unseen video footage capturing interactions between the two, which were integral to the stories. Federline was alleged to have shared with Barak his concerns about the well-being of the mother of his children, stating, “I fear she’s on meth—I’ve been praying someone would make it public and that she wakes up. It’s terrifying. She is the mother of my boys.”

Despite Federline vehemently denying Barak’s reporting and accusing her of fabricating “lies” that have caused emotional distress to his family, the conflicting accounts between the two parties continue to escalate.

A source closely connected to the production has confirmed the existence of “hours of video” footage, capturing numerous exchanges between Kevin and Daphne during a film shoot that took place in 2022 at Federline’s Los Angeles residence, where his sons also reside.

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Federline did acknowledge in his statement criticizing Barak and her producer, Erbil Gunasti, that he had granted access to the journalist into their home based on trust. However, he asserted that this trust had been broken, leading to their professional relationship ending in March for undisclosed reasons.

In response to Federline’s statements, Barak and her publication issued a statement on June 12, disputing his claims. They asserted that Daphne Barak had provided assurances that the quotes attributed to Kevin, as well as his family, are accurate and faithfully represent the interviews conducted.

According to Barak’s spokesperson, Kevin explicitly and repeatedly expressed his belief to Daphne, her producer Erbil Gunasti, and the film crew that Britney might be using crystal meth. Furthermore, Kevin allegedly expressed his hope that someone would bring attention to the situation as he saw it, as that could potentially lead to the necessary help for Britney.

The ongoing dispute between the involved parties indicates that the controversy surrounding the alleged quotes and their authenticity is far from being resolved.

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