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Bindi Irwin’s Most Recent Family Picture Reveals She’s Expecting A Baby Girl

Late animal wrangler’s daughter Bindi Irwin has given a hint to her fans that she would be expecting a new family member soon. Her recent Instagram post shows Bindi Irwin standing with her family members at their natural habitat Australia zoo. The post include a captions saying

      “Waiting for a Baby wildlife warrior to arrive”

Though we are unaware of details but post give us idea that she might be heading to hospital soon .she said in an interview

 “I have watched so many giraffes actually give birth and mother giraffes actually give birth standing up and the poor little calf has to drop so far to the ground “

Which shows that she has observed mother nature taking course in wilds of Australia.

She further  added

    “And you know it’s a little bit terrifying when you watch that .So I figure, as long as it’s easier than a giraffe birth, I’ll be fine”.

In an interview with “THE BUMP” she told that she  thought of many things while taking the decision she said

“We spent a long time searching for grandma names that also had an animal link” she also said  that “ We decided that she’s going to be called Bunny”.

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