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Another British Royal Disappears From Public Life

In November 2019, the Queen’s son Prince Andrew announced that he would step down from his royal duties over the backlash which followed an interview where he defended his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein. Shortly after that, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan announced that they would also stop working as senior royals.

For the past eight months, Alexandra the cousin of Queen’s has not taken part in any royal engagements. For this reason, the Court Circular is showing, concern about the British family monarch has lost yet another working member of the royal family. Princess Alexandra last performed her royal duties on 30 July 2020, the Duke of Kent, the daughter of the Queen’s uncle Prince George, she spoke on the phone to a long-serving volunteer from the Red Cross Society to mark the event of services anniversary.

Since then, no royal engagements have been recorded in her curriculum. On the 84-year-old woman, Buckingham Palace declined to comment. because she is suffering from many health issues over the past year. But sources tell Express.co.uk that princess health is good enough that she is recording video messages for local charities throughout this kind of pandemic lockdown, and she is doing her job effectively.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the precautionary measures taken before her disappearance from public life can be explained now. It is clear now by the Court Circular that last year Queen’s cousin has significantly cut her royal engagements. 

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