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Kelly Clarkson Just Received The Most Devastating News About Her Show—Fans Are Freaking Out!

Kelly Clarkson has more than proven that she can hold her own as a talk show host. Unfortunately, although The Kelly Clarkson Show might be a favorite among fans, it has seen a concerning dip in ratings, reflecting a larger trend when it comes to daytime television.

According to Us Weekly, Clarkson’s namesake show’s rating are down 26 percent.

Clarkson is not the only host facing lower ratings. The article adds that Dr. Phil’s are down 22 percent.

Plus, The Ellen Show, which has been the subject of plenty of controversy over the last year, is also facing a steady decline. The article explains, “The data showed that viewership has since plummeted from an average of 2.6 million to 1.5 million. It is a 43 percent overall decline, with a 38 percent decline in DeGeneres’ core audience of adult women under the age of 54.” Yikes!

Although none of these numbers bode well for their respective programs, NBC does not seem to be too concerned about Clarkson’s decline. Or, at least they weren’t in December 2020. At the time, NBCUniversal Syndication Studios executive VP Tracie Wilson announced that the show would be renewed through 2023.

“One ray of sunshine in this wildly unpredictable year is that we get to continue to deliver to stations and fans a show that brings people together,” Wilson explained, per The Hollywood Reporter. “This wouldn’t be possible without the heart and humor of the talented and dedicated Kelly Clarkson and our production team, led by the incomparable Alex Duda, both of whom are masters of storytelling. It’s easy to see why Emmy voters, critics and viewers have become such loyal fans of the show.”

Despite the lower ratings, the show has continued to attract A-list guests and plenty of fan reactions. Most recently, Clarkson invited Gwyneth Paltrow on the show. During their conversation, Paltrow revealed her favorite song to listen to when she’s feeling down, and it’s a tune nobody expected: WAP.

That’s right. Paltrow is a huge Cardi B fan, and this hilarious talk show moment is the perfect example of why NBC is holding on tight to The Kelly Clarkson Show despite the dip in ratings.

Check out the funny (and now famous) conversation below.

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