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Shocking Twist: Alleged NDA by King Charles III for Queen Elizabeth II’s Confidante Could Face Overturn

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Amid King Charles III’s reign, his cost-cutting measures and desire for a more streamlined monarchy have led to conflicts and attempts to keep private details under wraps. One of the notable moves made by Charles was evicting Angela Kelly, Queen Elizabeth II’s controversial confidante, and reportedly compelling her to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to prevent the publication of another intimate book about the royal family.

While a compromise was reached, granting Kelly a lifetime cottage, she is still determined to write about the family. Interestingly, it appears that Queen Elizabeth had anticipated such a scenario. Kelly had obtained permission from Queen Elizabeth to write two books, and she had even been granted approval for a third.

However, due to the NDA, her plans for the third book were put on hold. That is until reports surfaced about a letter allegedly written by the late Queen, giving Kelly permission to publish three books. According to friends of Kelly, this letter holds significant weight, serving as a powerful testament from Queen Elizabeth II, safeguarding her loyal assistant even beyond the grave.

It carries immense importance as it reflects the Queen’s wishes, which cannot be easily dismissed. If the authenticity of this letter is established, it could not only undermine Charles’ actions as the new King but also expose flaws in his plans to others.

For those unfamiliar with the backstory, Charles had evicted Kelly from her Berkshire Cottage in early 2023, despite Elizabeth’s promise of lifelong accommodation. However, Charles reportedly purchased a cottage for her, as part of the NDA resolution. Additionally, Kelly has allegedly been cut off from the King’s payroll and is no longer allowed to carry out the duties she had performed for decades.

Angela Kelly held the title of Personal Advisor to Her Majesty (The Queen’s Wardrobe) since her introduction to the late Queen in 1992, as noted by Town & Country. Since assuming power in late 2022 following the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, King Charles III has been the center of attention, with eager anticipation to learn every detail about his reign. Royal author Christopher Anderson’s new book, “The King,” offers readers an insightful and sometimes controversial journey into Charles’ private life, his marriage to Queen Consort Camilla, and other captivating aspects of his intriguing life.

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