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Meghan’s family spark fury with bombshells in TV interview as viewers ‘switch off’


The reveal-all interview with Channel 7 News in Australia, which had viewers “switching off” after a few minutes, including comments from Meghan Markle’s relatives.

The Duchess’ half-sister Samantha, half-brother Thomas Markle Jr., and her estranged father Thomas Markle Snr. all came out in the shocking interview with 7NEWS Spotlight.

In the world-exclusive part that aired today (April 30), the trio discussed their estranged family member, with whom they haven’t been in touch since 2018.

As soon as they started watching the program but immediately stopped, one viewer tweeted the station, “I’m looking for credibility – please advise the public what you paid for these interviews – be transparent – or does that not come with responsible journalism – switching off now.”

Another said, “I can’t believe I am seeing this awful family,” and then said, “Enough. My brain cells are dying due to this.

As the program was airing, a third person also spoke out in support of Meghan, writing to Channel 7 to say: “Dear Channel 7, the special attacking Meghan Markle is disgusting and unnecessary.

There are various reasons why girls break off contact with their families, but the majority have to do with behavior and hurt that should not be tolerated.

It’s rude of you to interfere with her personal decisions. During the broadcast, Thomas, 78, made an impassioned appeal, saying to the Australian channel: “I wish that we could sit down and discuss. I hope we could resolve our disagreements.

She adored me, he added. Her hero is me. I was abruptly booted out.

In a recent bombshell interview with Australia, the Markle family spoke out in an effort to refute some of the assertions made in the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s Netflix documentary, which was released in 2017.

In advance of King Charles III’s coronation on May 6, the Markle family is reportedly presenting their version of events to the public.

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