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Woman takes a nail out of her wall, she hears a hissing sound

Woman takes nail out of her wall
Tik Tok

TikToker @sie_salt was surprised when she took a nail out of her wall and heard a hissing sound, and the bizarre home-renovation disaster perplexed TikTokers.

A simple DIY idea went severely wrong for TikToker lately. She tried to hang a new coat rack when she ran into some resistance when hammering a nail into the wall. When the befuddled TikToker removed the nail, she could hear air hissing from the hole. Both @sie_salt and the spectators were confused by the unusual hissing sound.

“Bro, I was just trying to hang this,” the TikToker says, showing a coat rack that is hung on a single nail on her wall. The TikToker requires a second nail to complete the coatrack to the wall, but she encounters a surprising problem.
She has put the second nail into the wall, but not everything is as it appears.

The TikToker rips a nail out of the wall to demonstrate. Almost immediately, air starts hissing out of the tiny nail hole, making a tire deflate sound. The TikToker has a stunned expression on her face as she stares at the camera. “What do I do?” she wonders as the video concludes.

Viewers were as confused as the TikToker by the hissing sound. “Imagine the house just deflates like a bounce house,” one viewer joked. “Call the gas company or the fire department,” another TikToker suggested. “In my professional opinion, that’s not good,” wrote another viewer. In a follow-up video, the TikToker said that she eventually called emergency maintenance for help with the mysterious hole.


Replying to @mariecurlyette sorry to my neighbor’s HVAC system and thank you to @mercurystardust !!!

♬ original sound – Trash, esq.

To figure out what was going on, they punched a wider hole in the wall and discovered that the TikToker had accidentally punctured her neighbor’s HVAC system. Fortunately, she was able to arrange for them to fix everything, but she may have to relocate her coat rack.

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