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Take Care of your hair in Summers


take_care_of_your_hair_in_summersAs winters are saying goodbye and people might be happy as the skin and hair also tends to get fresh as the blooming flowers in the spring. However, you cannot fully stop taking care of your hair as they are the essential part of feminine beauty.

It might be the time to say goodbye to winter and hair dandruff but it’s definitely not the time to neglect those beautiful tresses you adore so much. Here are some easy yet very beneficial summer hair care tips to keep your hair strong and shining all through the year.

The first thing you need is to determine the hair texture that you have. Human hair usually have three textures: oily, dry and normal just like our skin, mostly these textures keep changing with the change in season, so it’s always better to determine it first as the winter say goodbye. The best way for that would be to ask your hair dresser or expert to define your hair texture and treatment methodology, so that you are always aware of how to treat your hair.

Oily Hair Care

If you got oily hair texture, don’t overdose those poor tresses in loads and loads of oil. However, instead of oil you can use conditioner to keep them healthy and shining. In addition to that, the best thing for oily hair is lemon juice mixed in shampoo or even in hair oil. Lemon not only removes the excess oil but also protects the hair against ultraviolet rays and maintains the shiny look.

Dry Hair Care

The hair, which is deficient in protein, will always appear dry and shine less. Hence proper oiling is the most important thing for dry hair. Besides, for dry hair care, you can use bear while washing them. Since bear is rich source of vitamin B, it helps strengthening the roots and provides the shiny look.  Rinse your hair in one cool can of beer, and after twenty minutes wash your hair with shampoo. Repeat this procedure once in a week and after some time you will see shiny soft hair. In addition to that, you can also mix Vitamin E oil with normal oil and massage it in hair roots.

Normal Hair Care

Although for normal hair, taking care in not much tedious job, but one cannot ignore the periodical hot oil massage and proper diet. Hence in order to rescue hair fall and pigmentation, apply the honey on scalp to make the roots stronger and healthier. Needless to mention the castor oil benefits in summers. To maintain the natural beauty, bring the honey and castor oil use in regular practice.

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