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How To Remove Whiteheads?


Who would not like to have a beautiful, flawless and clear skin? Beautiful skin makes you feel more confident. But whiteheads can pose to be a problem for many. Do you find whiteheads on your face? Whiteheads are basically acne growth on your skin. The main reason for whiteheads is that excess oil gets accumulated in the tiny skin pores or hair follicles on your skin.

No one would like to walk around with a whitehead on their face, would they? Although, seeing a dermatologist is the safest way to get those whiteheads removed. But many times, you may not get a chance to visit a dermatologist. In that case, you should know how to remove whiteheads.

Following are various ways to remove whiteheads.

1. Use elimination goods

There are many types of elimination goods available in the market like different kinds of strips. Strips can squeeze the skin in a way so as to remove the whitehead. This is not at all an expensive way and will also keep your skin healthy and glowing without much effort.

2. The barrier technique

There is a lot of fuss about removing blackheads or whiteheads on your own. Here we will show you how you can remove those stubborn whiteheads safely on your own. Removing whiteheads is a simple yet difficult process. You need to take care about many things while removing a whitehead.

To remove the whitehead, the first step is to cleanse and exfoliate your skin. You can use a good quality cleanser to remove the dirt and dead skin. The next step is to steam your face. Take a towel soaked in warm water and gently steam your face for at least five minutes.

It is not the right or safe way to just squeeze out the blemish using your fingers. This way, you are transferring the germs and bacteria from your fingers deeper into your skin and this may lead to rupturing of the whitehead.

So to prevent this bacteria transfer, you can either use gloves or a tissue as a barrier in the transfer. Take the tissue and wrap it around your fingers and gently squeeze out the whitehead. Once done, clean the area with an antiseptic. Also make sure not to touch your face with dirty hands.

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