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Wedding Make Up Guidelines

Wedding Makeup Guidelines

All the beauty of yours should be gorgeous, from hairs to feet nails. No doubt you have chosen everything special & stylish for your wedding day. You have spent a lot on your wedding preparation, your bridal accessories & bridal dress. Now it’s the turn of your wedding makeup. You should be looked be perfect with your wedding makeup. So be cautious for your wedding makeup.

One important thing for perfect wedding makeup is, your skin should be neat & clean. Take some facial treatments for your wedding day. You can do facials at home too. Very soon we will come with some facial tricks for your wedding day. Now have a look for makeup tips for wedding makeup.

First step to take for your wedding makeup is, buy a water proof makeup of any good brand and don’t forget to match the makeup shades with your skin tone and wedding dress as well. And no doubt your wedding makeup should have long staying power.

Step one: Foundation

Apply heavy pigmented foundation if your skin is not smooth. This foundation will cover up non smoothie area of your face. And if you have oily or combination skin then applies water based foundation with dry sponge. The makeup tip to choose the right color of foundation is, apply the foundation on your jaw line and blend it well, if it merge with your skin then you have chosen the right color, but if it looks separately on your face then this is not right foundation color. When you apply foundation blend it thoroughly on your ears, neck and chest too, so it doesn’t look that your face has been painted. Camouflage makeup tips are really essential for wedding makeup.

Step Two: Concealer

To hide your dark circles and other face spots concealer is best makeup tool. Don’t go with 2 or 3 lighter shades with your skin, as they will give muddy look. Mix concealer a bit of foundation and then apply.

Step Three: Powder

To make your wedding makeup foundation long lasting the best makeup tip is, powdered. This will also remove excess oil of your foundation and smooth the foundation & concealer together. Give neat look.

Step Four: Contouring

Contouring is very special tool for wedding makeup. Contouring is like mini surgery of you face. It will actually enhance your features. There are some Makeup tips to apply perfect contouring. Contour your wide nose; apply dark shade like bridge on your nose bone. Contour your jaw line and cheeks.

Step Five: Eyes

Enhance your eyes with wedding makeup. First make a base by applying a natural shade on you eye lid. Then apply a shade matching to your dress on the corners of eyelid and blend it. Don’t forget to apply mascara and eyeliner. Eyelashes can also be used to give bigger effect.

Step Six: Lips

Make an outline of lips with lip pencil. Apply lipstick matching to dress and previous makeup shades. Two colors of lipsticks give more beauty to lipstick. Apply shimmery lip-gloss to give glamorous look to your wedding makeup.

At the end, if you are not confident with your makeup skills then don’t try as this is not experiment day. You should look absolute perfect. These moments will be life time special. Do the practice before your wedding day or contact any makeup artist for your wedding makeup.

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