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Flirty and Thriving Trends for Thirty

Flirty and Thriving Trends for Thirty

Flirty and Thriving Trends for ThirtyAny woman who has seen “13 going on 30” would realize that age is just a number and fashion surpasses all age groups. Style is absolute; it is devoid of any clichés and chestnuts. Plus, it’s personal, very very personal. So a 30 year old woman dressing up as a college girl should not be ridiculed rather appreciated for her off the hook sense of style.

Having a good sense of style is extremely important for any woman. Where reaching 30 is an age where women are soaring in their professional lives and entertaining the idea of settling down, it is also an age of sticking to the glamorous part of your personality and pulling off the 20-something trends you loved in your college days. Therefore, the only key is looking fabulous; stepping into the fabulous world of the grown-ups or sticking to the past or creating a bridge between the two.

The one rule to be followed by 30+ women is regarding the fitting of their clothes; never forget that fit is everything. An old battered garment can be made elegant with the right fit and you can spend all the money you want to on designer clothes but not get the right fit. Therefore, having the right fit is essential for women in their 30s.

Moreover, this age is all about balancing elegance with sexiness. The phrase less is more stands true for even the 30 year olds because it’s never too late to show some skin and let your wild side out every once in a while. One essential rule not to be forgotten is that one should not be stuck in a rut and should experiment with their look and colors as much as they can. A few key items of clothing, such as shoes, bags, jewelry, scarves; open up a lot of avenues to be explored in the style world and creates a wide range of looks.

Being stylish at 30 is not an over achievement, because it’s never too late or one is never too old to dress up and look good. Style is all about poise and glamour, and 30 is just the right age for that.

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