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Apply Bold Makeup to Look Beautiful

Apply Bold Makeup to Look Beautiful

Makeup during the winter is going to be bold to make you look beautiful.

Like we all know makeup enhances your natural beauty and everyone of us should know how to make the right use of it. This winter it’s all about being bold. The eye makeup is supposed to be light; you can even leave the eyes nude and put on a lot of blusher with a bold lipstick.

Try and make your eyes look big by use of a light pencil around the edges and a lot of mascara on the lashes. If you want to use an eye shade while u put on makeup go for beige or bronze according to your skin color. If you are one of those who doesn’t use lipstick while applying makeup then go for an eye shade that is three to four tones darker your skin around your eyes, on the lid as well as on the lower side of the eye along the edges. This would make the eye look fresh and big. The color of your blusher should be synchronized with the eye shade you have used.

If you don’t want to apply the makeup all around your eyes especially around the lower edge then you should know how to blend the eye shades. How you should mix two three shades of the same color, the colors for eye shades this season are all ranges of browns, bronze and beige with a touch of black or dark colors that make the makeup look appropriate with the clothes.

Even for makeup products especially eye shades deep purple and maroon are also going to be the colors at the top of the list for the fall 2011. The 2011 makeup trend is to make sharp edges either with the liner or a bright eye shade. Makeup trends are to go with the clothes’ trend so that they bring the entire look for you!

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