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Let the Eye Feel Light during the Summer

let the eye feel light during the summer

let the eye feel light during the summerThe days are long and the nights are short so all those ladies who work or have to carry on with their make up all day long have to be careful with the eyes this summer.

The most simple and easy tips to follow are for keeping your eyes relaxed for the entire summer day. Use products that suit you but during the summer switch to long-wearing or waterproof mascara with a pencil on the eyes while avoiding the use of a liquid liner and the eye shadow you use should be the one that hardens to a cream once applied.

Go light this summer especially with the eyes, you can simply line the upper lash or settle a sweep of the light coloured shadow, if the eye is caked with a lash line to brow with a shadow it is more likely to crease in the heat and the darker colours will bleed and end up looking horrible.

During the summer days skip the mascara and eye liner on the lower lash of the eye, this will give the eye a light look.

Remove all the under-eye perspiration and clean the eye makeup properly with a cotton swab to avoid any harm to the eye from the makeup in the summer. Also try and avoid any excess makeup during the summer on the eye.

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