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How to get the right Summer Foundation

Summer Foundation

Summer FoundationSummer is a season which is very tricky. Sometimes your skin becomes nice and sometimes it gives you reddishness and it is not nice. Buy the right foundation is not an easy task to do. In summers it becomes really difficult because your skin is also changing and you sometimes don’t know what’s best for you. The best w y is to go to a good cosmetic store and see if you can find an expert or a well-trained salesperson.

You need to ask them what your skin type is and what is going to suit you in summers. That is the best way to go about it. Other than that there are certain things that you need to keep in mind while going to get the right summer foundation. You summer foundation should have SPF in it which is very important. The sunlight is so harsh in summers that if you get a foundation without SPF you will get a tan and reddishness in your skin.

Your summer foundation should also be oil-free because your skin is already oily in summers and if you get a foundation which is not oil-free then chances are that you will get pimples on your skin. Another tip for the right summer foundation is also to get a shade or two darker.

Foundations with light shades look grey in summer heat and humidity. Other than this your foundation should be lightweight. You really don’t want your foundation to be melting in summers and ruining your makeup at an event. Make sure that your facial hair doesn’t show. Always apply foundation in small amounts because if you need more you can always put on more but you have to wipe off and waste your foundation if you apply too much accidently.

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