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Six Smart Summer Make up Tips

six smart summer make up tips

six smart summer make up tipsAs, summer calls for heat and sunny day-outs, the ideas of summer makeup are usually different from daily routines. The summer make up should be done in a smart way so that it will protect your skin from sun exposure and at the same time stays fresh by avoid excessive sweating. The summer makeup should be light so that it can cut out the oily shine and prevent clogging of pores that usually result in acnes and pimples.

Some of the summer makeup tips to keep you look fresh throughout the day are as follow:
Sun protection
The first summer makeup tip is to pick a moisturizer or sun block with a SPF factor of 15 or higher to combat early signs of aging, harsh sun spots and fine lines. After applying sun block, allow it to absorb for 10 minutes before beginning your summer makeup.

Sun protection
Light Base
Choose a light summer makeup base, as foundation and powder will create a heavy look on your skin. You can attain a fresh and even look by applying tinted moisturizer with a damp sponge.

Light Base
Glow it up
Healthy glow is difficult to maintain on face in summer, to glow up your day. One of the easiest summer makeup tips is to apply bronzing powder according to your skin tone.

Glow it up Eye Shadows
Summer makeup appreciates eye shadows in lighter and neutral tones. Summer makeup for eyes should not be too much hot and playful. Instead, you can have a smart summery appearance by adding a touch of mascara in your summer makeup.

Eye Shadows

Moist Lips
You can make your lips luscious and desirable by applying a sheer coat of lip balm to condition your lips before applying lipstick or lip gloss. Following this summer make up tip you will be able to protect your lips from sun damage and at the same time giving them a soft and supple feel.

Moist Lips

Rosy Cheeks
Pretty pink shades are always the most preferable in summer. The easiest way to achieve a nice look of rosy cheeks is with a blush. Get your summer make up done by applying a nice cheeky shade along your cheekbones until you get the soft natural glow.

Rosy Cheeks

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