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How to Apply Natural Makeup

how to apply natural makeup

Women Natural MakeupA fresh, natural glowing face is always in style. If you also wants to look naturally beautiful than follow these effective makeup tips.

1-Wipe your Face:

If  you  have any old makeup on your face than  apply some lotion on cotton ball and rub in circles to remove makeup softly than wash your face to make your face like canvas.

2-Apply Moisturizer:

Apply moisturizer according to your skin type. It will help your makeup to blend evenly and to avoid dry patches after makeup.

3-Apply Foundation:

Selection of right foundation is a work. Isn’t it? If your base will fine than your end will be fine. Always test your foundation on your face before buying. I will not recommend you to test on your hands as skin color of your face and hand might be different. Test it on your cheek. Normally one shade lighter than your original skin tone goes well. After selecting right foundation apply it on your face, ear and on neck. Make it even with your finger tips. No tool is better than your finger tips to apply foundation as due to natural heat comes from your finger tips make easy to blend with your skin and give you even, flawless base.

4-Hide your Dark Circles:

If you are having dark circles around your eyes or any spots on your face than cover them with help of concealer. Choose concealer same as of your skin tone or similar to your foundation and apply it just on dark spots of your face not everywhere. Concealer in thin brush form is going well instead of pencil or cake form concealer as it covers wrinkle lines around your eyes deeply and smoothly.

5-Apply Eye shadow:

Don’t apply so many colors on your eyes. Normally girls try to put all the colors which are in their dress. To look natural just take two shades of eye shadow. One should be lighter and other should be little darker but choose contrasted colors not too different with each other. For example you can make combination of browns and gold, grey and silver, pink and light purple, beige and brown. Apply lighter one on the inner part of your eye and slightly darker one on outer crease. Blend them perfectly with your eye brush or finger tip for a professional natural look. Don’t make sharp edges with dark color as it will not look natural.

6-Apply Eyeliner:

Apply eyeliner of black, brown or roasted colored eye liner. Color selection should be depending on your eye ball to give natural look to your makeup. Apply thin line on your top lash line as thick eye liner will not look natural. Use eye liner in gel or liquid form as gel eye liner blends well and can apply easily as compare to eye pencil. Apply white eye pencil under your eye line to make your eyes brighter. Don’t use mascara as if you apply mascara, it may give your makeup heavy look and I will also not recommend you to use eyelash curler as your own shape of eye lashes will give you more natural look.

7-Apply Blush on:

Apply natural beige, bare honey, peachy pink or light brown blush on your cheek bones and blend it evenly. Use creamy or pearl blush on instead of powder once as creamy blush generally looks better, long lasting and easy to make overall tone even and natural. Contour your nose and jaw line with your blush on too, not with contourer to give natural look.

8-Apply Lip color:

Apply light color lip balm that close to your own lip color but if you want to make it long lasting than apply lip stain or neutral lip color. But don’t use chalky lipsticks or shiny lip glosses. I will not recommend you to apply lip pencil to make boundary around your lips as it will not give you natural look.

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