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10 Must-Try Summer Makeup Trends

Pretty in Pastels

Summer makeup is all about being fresh and fun, whether you’re laying a foundation for that straight-off-the-shore look that’s minimal and just a little bit bronze or taking “beach babe” to a whole new level with pops of color and dark definition. Be sure that your pre-makeup ritual includes exfoliating, moisturizing and applying plenty of SPF – the key to stunning summer makeup is healthy skin, after all. Now that you’re prepped to catch some rays, take the plunge into the 10 hippest makeup trends of the summer.

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1. Sun-Kissed Skin:

Kissed Skin

Get this total beach babe look by layering two tones of bronzer on the areas that usually get color first – forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. Even add a bit to the lips and eyelids for that all-over summer glow!

2. Shimmery & Smokey Shades:

Smokey Shades

The casual Friday of smoky eyes, this twist on the classic is one of our new everyday faves. It’s all about the shimmer base here, so make sure your eye shadow has a good amount of lustre.

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3. Pop of Neon:

Pop of Neon Makeup

Rule of thumb for this look is go in with the neon and out with the neutral. Start by applying a light brown eye shadow to the outer and blend up towards the center where it will meet the neon, and drag this vibrant shade all the way to your inner eye corner.

4. Stay Flawless 15-Hour Primer:

Hour Primer

We’re dedicating our flawless summer faces to Ann at Cult of Pretty for turning us onto this magical primer by Benefit that puts the lock down on your foundation for not one, not two, but 15 whole hours! That means you can basically drive the length of the state of California and not worry about reapplying during an epic summer road trip!. 

5. Grunge Glamour:

Grunge Glamour Makeup

Don’t you dare pick up that flannel. We’re giving what’s usually a couldn’t-care-less style a sophisticated polish. To get this glammed out but still grungy look, apply thick charcoal eyeliner over a cream shimmer shadow and a few rounds of mascara.

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6. Nude Lip:

Nude Lip Makeup

Eliminate the pink tone from your lips to create perfect balance with a classic defined eye. Use concealer to create a neutral base before you finish the look with a nude lipstick and sheer gloss.

7. Teal Eyeliner:


Channel your inner mermaid for this bold summer color trend. All shades within the blue-green spectrum are a go – from sky blue and sapphire and aquamarine to seafoam – so you’ll be able to find a color that suits your style. Stand out from the crowd with a teal cat eye or for a subtle pop, trace along your lower lash line and pair with a copper shadow.

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8. Romantic Silver Eyes:

Silver Eyes

This angelic look will send Cupid job hunting. Apply metallic liquid liner across the entire eyelid strongest at the lash line and fading up toward the brow. A pat of clear lip gloss at the cheekbones and temples will accentuate this ethereal look.

9. Everyday Glow:

Glow Makeup

Even if you’re not catching enough natural rays, you can still get that coveted summertime glow by busting out the blush. For an authentically tanned look choose a matte blush with brown undertones.

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10. Pretty in Pastels:

Pretty in Pastels

Look like a total sweetheart when you get playful with pastels. Achieve a glowing softness with a smear of cream eyeliner under your brow arch and top if all off with whimsical lavender shadow and a pretty petal pink lip liner.

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