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Incredible Eye Makeup Remover Hacks

Eye Makeup Remover

Eye Makeup RemoverIf you are eye-makeup addict, you must be aware of the importance of removing your eye makeup. Removing eye makeup sometimes turns out as an irritating task if not done properly. Following are some interesting and simple eye makeup remover hacks that you can easily made at home.[contentblock id=1 img=adsense.png]

Baby Shampoobaby shampoo

No-tears Baby shampoo is a wonderful eye makeup remover. Just add a drop of Johnson’s baby shampoo on a clean cotton pad or swab and remove your eye makeup in no time. This is an inexpensive idea for removing your stubborn eye makeup.[contentblock id=2 img=adsense.png]

Petroleum JellyPetroleum Jelly

A little amount of petroleum jelly is just enough for the job. It is the safest way to remove your stubborn water proof makeup. You can use Vaseline or just normal petroleum jelly. Take just a small amount to remove your eye makeup. You can also use it for removing matte lip creams without any hassle.[contentblock id=3 img=adsense.png]

Castor OilCastor Oil

Castor oil when combined with Grape Seed oil can turn out in a very good eye makeup remover. You need to mix 3 tablespoons of Grape seed oil to 1 tablespoon of Castor Oil and stir them well. You can remove your makeup with it even you have sensitive skin.

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Jojoba OilJojoba Oil

Just mix 2 parts of water and 1 part of Jojoba oil and your skin friendly eye makeup remover is ready to use. It is non-allergenic and so perfect for use on sensitive and allergy-prone skins. It can be used to remove makeup from overall face.

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