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5 Makeup Trends That Need to Die in 2016

Makeup Trends

Sometimes we choose unflattering looks just because they’re trendy, but there’s no reason to keep doing it once you realize they don’t really work for you and most other women. Some makeup trends have definitely outstayed their welcome and it’s time to let them go. Check out some of the worst makeup trends that need to die, and reinvent your look for this fall with a more subtle approach. Pass on these dated trends, and your makeup routine will be instantly improved without much effort.

1. Glitter OverloadGlitter Overload

It doesn’t matter if Miley Cyrus is on board with the glitter excess, you shouldn’t be. There is such a thing as too much glitter, and that’s… anything but very little. Avoid the glitter overload that you might have seen on the runways, since it’s definitely not a wearable look for most women. Keep it subtle if you want to make the most of it without looking silly.

2. Obvious Contouring Obvious Contouring

Nose and cheek contouring have had their moment, in no small part thanks to Kim Kardashian West, but even the reality TV star has moved on to the next thing. Strobing entails highlighting the high points of your face for a beautiful and glowing finish. Noticeable contouring is one of the makeup trends that need to die, and strobing is much easier, since you’ll just need a single shade to create the look.

3. Oversized LashesOversized Lashes

Fake eyelashes can definitely enhance your look when you take a subtle approach. However, the oversized “fan” look of big and obviously fake lashes has been on its way out for quite some time. Opt for individual lashes and only use a few towards the outer corner of your eyes to get a beautiful effect that won’t scream “FAKE!”

4. Extreme Eyebrow DefinitionExtreme Eyebrow

The time for abusing brow pencils has passed. Drawn-on brows with sharp, geometric edges, are one of the makeup trends that need to die. Forget about extreme eyebrow definition and opted for a softer approach with a brow powder. The obvious ombré effect is also passé, but you can keep it subtle with a slightly darker shade toward the outer corners of your eyebrows.

5. Highlighter ExcessHighlighter Excess

Using too much highlighter can definitely turn on the shine in the wrong way. Forget about white shimmery highlighter and use a more sophisticated shade in moderation. From pink champagne for lighter complexions to rose gold for darker ones, your highlighter should give you a radiant look, not turn your face into a reflective surface.

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