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7 Beauty Mistakes that Make you Look Old

Makeup Mistakes

There are five common beauty mistakes which makes women look old

Beauty Tips

1. Avoiding Moisturizer, Sun block, Face wash

The beauty mistakes women made by not of following the basic rule. Firstly, they don’t wash their face with the well suited face wash Lack of moisturizing makes their skin look dry dump in. There are a lot of women who skim the sun block in their daily routine, the use of it in fact allows the sun damage and give birth to wrinkles and brown spots and deprive you to make one beauty mistake.

2. Applying Thick /Heavy Foundation

A beauty mistake frequently made by women having blemishes on skin and cover them with thick base can make skin seem covered with artificial mask. Heavy makeup always makes women look old. Moreover, the blemishes, wrinkles, dark circles can be wrapped with tinted moisturizer or sheer foundation of brands like Drik Laura Mercier or Clinique’s Super Moisture make up to avoid making another blunder /beauty mistake.

i. Tryout light base
Application of foundation is crucial to ones skin tone. If you have natural fair color usage of pale color foundation make skin look aging. If you have an ivory skin color always go for one or two shades darker foundation and smug it to mix and match your skin tone with the base will save you to make a beauty mistake.

ii. Wrapping dark circles by applying heavy concealer
When the women ages, the outer layer under eye becomes thin. So application of thick quoted base underneath looks unappealing and exaggerated. Though women use of finger tips instead of brush is yet another beauty mistake.

iii. Face powder usage over eyes, wrinkles and other parts of skin
Powder application over the nose and chin is helpful in reducing the shine but makes the other lines on face prominent when applied. Avoid yellow and bronzer brown bases over skin and thus you can also avoid making another beauty mistakes.

iv. Using shimmery/frosted eye shadows on outer corners
Beauty Mistakes That Make You Look Old is applying shadows on inner deep corners; upper brow bone can give your eye broad look.

3. Misapplying Heavy Blushes On Cheeks

Another beauty mistakes is the color and techniques of applying. Direct application of blusher on apple of cheeks can make you look like a clown and leads in sagging skin. Always draw and stroke the brush upwards and high light the cheekbones. However the color of blush on is equally important to ones complexion.

4. Misapplying Wrong Lip Color/Liner Or Wrong Hair Do

The commonly made beauty mistake is use of loud colors like hot pink or bleeds red on lips. If you have thin lips use of pencils and defined color is a great way in outer lining edges of lips. Avoid metallic or shimmery lip sticks. When it comes to hair do try to match your face cut with the hair styling. Don’t go for the blunt one length hair cuts. Keep on changing the hair style make you seen young.

5. Use of Smoky Eye Makeup

The Beauty mistake is applying smoky dark eye makeup. Don’t go for the thick eye liners and mascaras. Make use of thin black pencil and apply plumping mascara to curl the lashes instead to straighten them up. Colored eyes have additional advantage to hide wrinkles and dark circles. Don’t swimp the out lash it draws attention to dark circles.

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