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10 Beauty Mistakes Guys Notice and Absolutely Hate

Eyelash Choice

You might think that only a woman would notice certain makeup and beauty mistakes, but the truth is that most guys can notice them too… and they don’t like them. When you’re going on a date or even to a singles bar or party, make sure that you avoid these common errors.

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Learn which beauty mistakes guys notice you have to stay away from if you want to impress him. From a caked on base to a cloud of perfume, here’s what not to do when you’re meeting a guy you hope to attract.

Beauty Mistakes

1. Foundation Mistakes Guys Notice

Your foundation can definitely raise a red flag if it’s too dark, but the caked on look is also very bad. You can even get a too heavy finish without foundation, by piling on too much concealer, tinted moisturizer or powder. Stick to a lightweight base and make sure you use concealer thoughtfully. You don’t want to stain his pillow cases if you end up spending the night.

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2. Bad Eyelash Choices

Using too much mascara can quickly turn into one of the beauty mistakes guys notice. But you can also overdo your eyelashes by using the wrong kind of falsies. Opt for strips, but don’t use the full one. Instead, opt for a more subtle look with just a bit of extra volume at the outer corners of your eyes. Avoid any clumping and flaking when it comes to mascara by choosing a waterproof version.

Eyelash Choice

3. Lip Liner Issues

Mismatching your lip liner color to your shade of lipstick is a big no-no, and most guys will notice it. Once you have the perfect shape, you might try to correct the shape of your lips for the perfect Cupid’s bow, but don’t go too far. When lip liner is applied too far outside your lips, it won’t make them kissable at all.

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4. Dry Skin

Even if they don’t get too touch your skin, the lack of proper moisture is definitely one of the beauty mistakes guys notice, from chapped lips to dry elbows and knees. Opt for a hydrating body lotion that will keep your skin in perfect shape all day long. When you’re dealing with dry patches, use a hydrating mist to keep it moisturized.

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5. Lip Gloss Problems

Two major mistakes that you can make when it comes to lip gloss is going for a look that’s too shiny or choosing a product that’s too sticky. Avoid the lacquer look and make sure that your lip gloss isn’t sticky. It won’t just bother him if you end up kissing, it can also make crumbs stick to your lips if you’re going out to dinner.

Lip Gloss

6. Eyeshadow with Too Much Glitter

While a touch of glitter in your eyeshadow can be great for achieving an illuminating effect, too much glitter is definitely one of the beauty mistakes guys notice. Glitter should be limited for a smoky eye look, and can also highlight every crease, including fine lines.

7. Stiff Hair

Whether you prefer an updo or prefer to let your hair down, it should always look touchable. Too much product can make it look stiff and if touching it leaves traces on your hands, he’ll go running to the bathroom to wash his hands as soon as he touches. Avoid a very elaborate hairstyle when you’re going on a date and stick to something that works without being too fussy.

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8. Panda Smoky Eyes

Going too far with the smoky eyes is also one the beauty mistakes guys notice. Instead of piling on dark shades of eyeshadow, take a step back and go for a more subtle look that you get when smudging your black eyeliner. Even if you want to go for a really dramatic look, make sure that your look has nothing in common with a panda or raccoon.

Smoky Eyes

9. Extreme Self-Tanning

Even if you’ve managed to avoid the orange glow, you can still go too far with the self tanner. Opt for a gradual tanning lotion, that help you achieve the right shade without going too far. Stick to one or two shades darker than your skin tone for a better approach.

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10. Too Much Perfume

The perfect fragrance has to make him want to lean in closer, so go for a subtle scent. Spraying on too much perfume is definitely one of the beauty mistakes guys notice, and they rarely like it. Go for the right approach and apply it carefully behind your ears and on your wrists. Your fragrance will be activated by the heat in these areas.

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