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Heal Your Body with Spa Treatment

Natural Body Spa Treatment

Spa treatment is known for its benefits throughout the world. The purpose of Spa treatment is to relax your body from the whole week or day work.

Spa Treatment

Spa treatment means to do treatment through water. It is the considered that human body is made from three materials air, water, and soil. So when human got tired, stress and worried he/she need to treat with the natural things only. Spa treatment includes bathing, shower, massage and therapies.  There are also other benefits of it like losing weight, stress, youthfulness, increase beauty, glowing skin, peel of dead skin, reduce ache and fatigue and increase the strength of blood circulation & active cell. Also Spa treatment can do body to body massage, hand and foot massage, stone massage & oil massage. Home Spa also helps you to relaxing your muscles; by reducing your stress it improve your brain working.

Through home Spa you can get re- fresh from all day hectic work and also facilitate to destroy all bad bacteria’s, virus and germs to let your body work healthy and free from all diseases. Here we have lineup few of most important and easy Spa treatment, through which you can heal your body.

  • Odyssey Ayurvedic Spa Treatment:

Time required: 1.5 hour to 2 hours.

This Odyssey Ayurvedic Spa Treatment is start first with the dry hand massage, which will help your body to rejuvenate. Then you have to cover your body with warm herbal oil, which is gain from natural herbs only. Massage slow and smoothly with that so that your body can lose toxicity that is stored in your body tissues. At the end of this Spa Treatment there will be Marma therapy that helps your body to regain its inner energy.

  • Pizichilli Spa Treatment:

Time required: 70 minutes

This Spa Treatment is most comfortable and fostering treatment. In this treatment you need to recommend calm and nonstop massaging with warm, herbal oils. This smooth massaging of oil will help your body to relax your muscles. Also Spa Treatment will assist your body in blood circulation and purify your blood and leave your body like a newly born baby body free of all disease and stress.

  • Marma Therapy Spa Treatment:

Time required: 65 minutes

In this Spa Treatment the junction points of your body like your joints of mind, back and emotions are treated. For this Spa Treatment you need to do massage of your mind with specific herbal water and oil. This Spa Treatment will help you to wide awake your inner system.

  • Hand Spa Treatment:

Time required: 20 minutes or depend upon you.

For hand Spa Treatment you need to have a glycerin, rose water and cucumber juice. Mix glycerin, rose water and cucumber juice and make a thick mixture. Take a cotton piece and sock cotton in it and rub on your hands and feet. Repeat procedure time after time like 5 – 10 minutes. Then wash your hands with cool water. This Spa Treatment will help your hand to be smooth clean and prevent from all day long exfoliation.  This will also help you to remove dead skin and cell from out layer of your hand and feet. For more refreshing look and feeling you can also add half lemon in that mixture. If you have a hard look hand like men do, than keep this mixture over night on your hands and rinse it next morning with water. Dry your hands with towel and massage a smoothing lotion.

  • Hair and Mind care Spa Treatment:

Time required: 30 – 45 minutes

As hairs are also parts of your body. In every day routine and busy life you didn’t have much time to take care of your whole body, so you should know how to relax your body when you are free or have time. For relaxing your mind and hairs you need natural herbal oil along with oatmeal and shower tube. Put oil and oatmeal in tube and sock your whole body in it for 3o minutes and by time to time also sock your head. After that massage your body with oil or lotion and sit in warm place. Than massage your whole body with good cleanser or olive oil after that rinses your body with water.

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