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Different Spa Treatments

different spa treatments

Various spa treatments are used for dealing and curing bodily problems. Facials, hair treatments, body treatments have become very popular due to their variety of benefits. Spa treatments are better in their service and conduct than regular parlors. Hot spas are popular for body treatments that help in beautifying and relaxing body.

Face treatments

Face TreatmentsFacials are spa treatments for skin that are used to cleanse the skin basically. A wide variety of facials is offered by the beauticians. This spa treatment includes, herbal facials, skin whitening facials, face polish, simple cleansing and many more. The purpose is to purify skin from dirt and bacteria and make it look healthy and beautiful. These spa treatments can be customized according to the demands of the customer.  Other than facials, certain spa treatments are quite similar to medical treatments such as anti aging treatment, and skin tightening treatment. They are used widely now days because of the vogue for a younger stance.

Hair treatment

Hair TreatmentsSpa treatments also include dealing with hair problems. Rebonding, hair relaxation, perming, and hair massages are the popular hair treatments. Relaxation and hair massages work on the scalp to beautify the hair naturally and are mostly used for rough and unmanageable hair. Perming and rebonding are spa treatments that are a part of hair styling but are long processes with long lasting results.

Nail and hand treatments

Nail and hand TreatmentsSpas offer manicures and pedicures to revamp hands and feet. Spa treatments are slightly expensive than the regular parlor treatments but spa treatments are always provided with superfluous services. Hot-stone massages are also used to treat nails. This treatment includes cleaning and refurbishing of hands and nails. Moistening and cleaning of hands, removal of dead or dry skin, shaping and painting nails etc all comes under this treatment.

Body treatments

Body TreatmentsMoistening and cleaning is important for the entire body and not just the facial skin. Various special body treatments are provided by hot spas including aqua-therapy, body polishes, body wraps and Vichy showers. Hot spas are becoming increasingly popular these days. Hot spas have introduces a whole new experience of body massages and hot baths. This benefits our body by as it helps the blood run well and makes the heart drain blood normally even in winters.

Aqua-therapy is a spa treatment in which one soaks in a jet tube with treated water to moisten the skin. While body polish, quite similar to a face polish, is used to add glow to skin. Both of these spa treatments help in blood circulation and skin hydration.

Spa treatments have become a part of a well maintained life style. Men and women feel fresh and relaxed after consuming these spa treatments. They not just polish or beautify externally but also spa treatments benefit the health of the person.

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