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Hair Removal Tips for Home Spa Treatment

Spa treatments are a must for achieving a healthy skin glow but with the economy going down and the holidays coming nearer, a relaxing day at the spa will cost you more than your budget. Although getting a treatment from a spa sounds very attractive but if you want to save your time and money, it’s better to learn some simple techniques and start doing the spa treatment at home. On holidays, mostly women face hair removal problems so, if you want to bare your skin with pride and be fuzz-free, here are some hair removal tips for home spa treatment. These tips are not only convenient but also help to keeps your spa treatment costs in budget.

• Shaving

If you are in a hurry and want to get rid from unwanted hair then you should use a razor for that. A razor can make you unwanted hair free for a maximum of three days. Use a razor that does not have very sharp blades because it can lead to either bruises or cuts. For underarms hair, make sure that you hold your skin tightly while shaving whereas if you want to shave your arms and legs, there is no need to hold your skin tightly.

• Plucking

Another very common hair removal tip is plucking. For plucking, you only need a thread. The process of plucking is comparatively slower than shaving because with the process of threading, you only get rid of one or two hair at a time whereas it’s opposite in the case of shaving. Plucking is very useful for making eyebrows and getting rid of facial hair.

• Hair Removal Cream

A depilatory is a cream that removes hair from the skins surface. A hair removal cream works in a way that it works by reacting with the protein structure of the hair and the hair can be wiped away afterwards. The pros of hair removal cream are that they work quickly and are ready available in the market whereas for waxing you have to make the mixture yourself.

• Waxing

Waxing is a very painful hair removal process but it has also a number of advantages. With the help of waxing, you can enjoy a hairless body for a beach friendly three to five weeks afterwards. For the waxing mixture, you need to cook honey, sugar and lemon together. It will give a sticky mixture to be applied on the skin and then dispatch it with the help of waxing strips. Furthermore, waxing also remove the dead skin from your body. It makes your skin smooth and also leaves a glow on your skin.

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