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Tips for Hosting the Ultimate Home Spa Party

Home Spa Party

Home Spa Party Ideas

If you are a social person you must have attended a lot of baby showers, spinster parties or a Girls night.  Well, we have the perfect occasion for you to stop talking and start doing: A new party knocking at your door is a Super Home Spa party!!!! Home Spa parties are more in fashion and are becoming popular. Spa party will be a time of fun for all the girls to live it up. Home Spa party will let you to focus on your inner and external beauty, and on individually helping you to find out ways to sustain a skin and body care routine.

Here are some Spa Party ideas that assure; you will stay within your budget and most importantly no matter what preference you make, your guests will go home pampered, massaged, and soothed to silky perfection.

Depending on your budget and preparation time, you can choose to hire a spa professional or mobile massage therapist to give treatment services, or you can arrange your own party, complete with bath and body products and do-it-yourself home spa treatments.

First, make a schedule and figure out what kind of services or treatments you’re going to offer in your Home Spa Party by using the following pointers:

Select the date, time and number of guests and then make the schedule for the home spa party like the following:

  • Guests arrive, change into robes
  • Stretching or simple yoga poses to loosen up
  • Treatments for Spa Party
  • Light lunch for Spa Party
  • Treatments for Spa Party
  • Tea time; or departure

Inform the guests to bring the following for the home Spa party:

  • Lounge wear
  • Open-toe slippers or sandals
  • A towel

How to make your home perfect for Spa Party

  • Move most furniture out of a large room and create an open, uncluttered space, with only comfortable seating and select tables remaining
  • No Phone Zone.  Tell all the guests to silence their cell phones during the spa day.
  • Scents—fresh flowers, scented candles and oils
  • Have soothing music playing.
  • Purchased or assembled spa kits
  • Manicure/Pedicure supplies
  • Arrange robes and towels
  • Have bowls of thinly sliced cucumbers available.
  • Favorite bars of soap in small sizes, tins of lip gloss, pedicure favors and more.
  • Pitchers of spa water with fruit, cucumbers and mint leaves on a lovely tray
  • Pitchers of a light juice or punch, nothing heavy or sugary Fresh Fruit
  • Vegetables and dip
  • Tea breads, muffins or roll
  • Hot Tea Service and small cookies or cakes
  • Hot or iced mint tea with sugar
  • A bowl of whole roasted almonds
  • Selection of herbal teas or juices

The Stations for Home Spa Party

  • Manicure
  • Pedicure
  • Facial
  • Massage (Back, Shoulder and Arm)
  • Meditation and/or Aromatherapy — Meditation can be different for everyone. Aromatherapy involves the use of fragrant substances in lotions and inhalants in an effort to positively affect mood and promote better health.
  • Reflexology — foot massage. One difference, however, is that reflexology does not involve rubbing. Rather, it is about applying pressure to specific areas. Reflexology would requires two people. One sperson gets the foot rub, while the other gives it.

Whew! Now it’s time to relax. Have a super Home Spa party!!!!


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