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Top 10 Must Visit Cities in America

While planning a long holiday, it’s always good to do a bit research. In order to get to know that which are the top places to visit in any particular time of the year you need to research either online or consult some traveling agency. If you are planning to visit United States of America then the list given below is definitely going to be very helpful for you. The list given below consists of Top 10 places in USA considering two major factors of your leisure during traveling and what the city has to offer you as a host.

1. New York

New York City

New York certainly is one of the most enthralling cities. Its architecture – Manhattan skyline is absolutely incredible. Second, its multicultural personality makes it a true melting pot of ethnicities and cultures. A vast range of restaurants and hotels ensures that New York is one of the top cities of America to visit for leisure traveling.

2. Boston

Boston City

Boston is eminent because of its central position in the pulsating neighborhoods. From the stylish Back Bay to oldest Beacon Hill to multihued Chinatown to historic North End – all neighborhoods of Boston has its own personality and distinct appeal. Visiting Boston enables you to explore all four sides of America. Being cultural and commercial hub of New England, Boston absorbed all best from the region, including best food. All these factors make Boston one of the top 10 cities of America to visit for leisure traveling and sightseeing as well.

3. Washington DC

Washington DC City

In spring, Washington DC is the best place to visit as its gardens and parks are in full bloom. Take the White House Garden tour and view the Jacqueline Kennedy Garden and Rose Garden – they are absolutely splendid. Take a ride to the top of the Washington Monument to see spectacular views of the city and surroundings. If you have time, explore surroundings – Maryland has plenty of things to offer to a curious traveler. Washington DC definitely is one of the top 10 cities to visit for leisure traveling.

4. Miami

Miami City

Miami is blessed with a huge Latin American cultural inheritance and this is what makes Miami one of the top 10 sights of America. A short trip to Little Havana in Miami could give you a little glimpse of the Caribbean jewel: aroma of Cuban coffee and cigars, pulsating Cuban music, art and craft, very authentic restaurants and colorful storefronts. Hence, wide white sandy beaches, delightful art deco architecture, trendy hotels, chic restaurants and hot party scene is not all about Miami. There is a lot more to relish in Miami.

5. Orlando

Orlando City

Planning to visit America can not possibly miss a trip to Disney World. Orlando being home to the largest amusement park in the world has to be on a list of must-visit in America. Don’t be mistaken it is not only for children, adults have plenty of fun in Disney World as well. Besides famous Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Orlando Resort, and SeaWorld, Orlando offers plenty of different entertainment, great dining and even museums – the most comprehensive collection of Tiffany art is in Charles Hosmer Morse Museum in Orlando.

6. San Diego

San Diego City

San Diego Old Town, the historical heart of the city, is the “birthplace” of California – San Diego is the site of the first permanent Spanish settlement in California. For beach lovers a visit to La Jolla is a must. The most magnificent beach on the West Coast offers fantastic surfing, excellent snorkeling and diving, amazing sunsets and beautiful sands. Blue skies and 70 miles of great beaches, Mediterranean climate and Mexican specialties, aquatic parks, aquariums and zoos makes San Diego one of the top 10 cities in America. It is worth watching place.

7. Southern Utah

Southern Utah

It is one of the most mesmerizing landscapes in the US. Utah is the closest most of us will ever come to setting foot on another planet, as the landscape is unlike anything seen throughout the rest of the US. Southern Utah’s national parks like Zion and Bryce Canyon have miraculously not been overrun with tourists. Utah is considered one of the exceptionally gorgeous and mind-boggling natural wonders of the world. The unique landscape of the area marks it as one of the top 10 cities of America to visit.

8. Charleston

Charleston City

The historical significance of Charleston makes it one of the top 10 cities of America to visit. It is one of the most historic and picturesque places to visit along the east coast of USA. Charleston is a heaven for those who are interested in American history as it is the place where first shots of civil war rang. Another great trait that gives Charleston such a historic feel and charm are the many horse-drawn carriages riding the streets of Charleston and the local artisan vendors selling Gullah arts and crafts.

9. Baltimore

Baltimore City

Baltimore isn’t just a beautiful but also one of the most historic cities in the US. Baltimore is also filled with many landmarks and monuments that you can see and visit on tours such as the Edgar Allan Poe House, Washington Monument and Fort McHenry National Monument. Fort McHenry, in particular, is one of the best historic attractions because of the camp-fire re-enactments. Baltimore also falls under the category of top 10 cities of America to visit for leisure traveling.

10. Alaska

Alaska City

One can not avoid talking about Alaska while mentioning top 10 cities in America to visit. By area, it is the largest state of America. The Alaska Native Heritage Center celebrates the rich heritage of Alaska’s 11 cultural groups. Their purpose is to enhance self-esteem among Native people and to encourage cross-cultural exchanges among all people. Hence visiting Alaska should be included in your visiting top 10 cities of America.

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