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Home Spa Guidelines that Make home Spa more Effective

Home Spa is refreshing and there are no two opinions about the benefits of a home spa. However there are some Home Spa Guidelines that should be kept in mind while preparing for home spa.

Home Spa guideline to keep in mind primarily is that the best time to bathe and enjoy home spa is when the stomach is empty. The salted water of home spa you will create will help ease light-headedness some people experience when soaking in hot water.

Home Spa guideline that should also be carefully kept in mind is that baths deprive you of body fluids, and drinking any fizzy drink before or during a bath increases the dehydration. Hence during and before and even after home spa plenty of water or juice should be taken.

Home Spa guideline that cannot be ignored since it is imperative to the home spa experience is to remember that any substance applied to your skin during home spa will also be absorbed by it. Therefore during home spa choose your cosmetic and beauty products with great caution. Here is a simple rule to keep in mind during applying anything during home spa:  If you wouldn’t eat it, don’t wear it or use it on your skin. Home Spa guidelines strictly recommend sticking to using only the most excellent and freshest ingredients, not the least expensive or those which have “crossed over.”

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