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Home Spa with some of the Best Products

Home Spa with some of the Best Products

Treat yourself to luxury home spa pampering. Use this guide for the best products for smooth skin and healthy hair.

Treat your skin and body to some pampering with a home spa session. Surround yourself with some of the most luxurious home spa products you can find. Here are my suggestions for a few skincare products and home spa hair products which will spruce up your home spa experience.

Bliss Oxygen Mask is a great product to add to your home spa collection. It instantly brightens yours skin and almost breathes life into dull dreary skin. Use this mask at every home spa session, at least once a week!

When you’re looking for home spa products for your hair, I think you should try Michael Van Clarkes 3 More Inches Pre-Wash Treatment, which slows down your hair’s ageing process so it grows longer before it dries out! This makes for a wonderful home spa product; it’s a miracle hair treatment which gives you longer, luscious locks. Also make sure you have a good quality bottle of coconut oil on hand, because no home spa is complete without some hair nourishing oil to apply.

If you want to treat your whole body to some home spa pampering then use Clarins Body Treatment Oil. Luxury home spa for your body begins here with a blend of chamomile, geranium and basil essential oils. Your home spa experience, using these oils, will leave you feeling calm and relaxed…

Scrub those dead skin cells away with Cowshed’s Spearmint Exfoliating Sea Salt Scrub (what a mouthful?!). Home spa products should be easy and simple to use and this scrub is just that. Apply to dry skin, rub all over and then shower it off!

Your feet need some TLC from some home spa products too. Liz Earles Foot Scrub and Foot Repair Moisturizer are packed with natural oils which will leave your tootsies revived. Your home spa kits should always contain home spa products for foot care because so often we neglect our feet and they take the strain of our entire body all day long, in high heels too!

I hope these home spa products will get you started on a wonderful pampering journey and remember to treat yourself every week.

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