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DIY Home Hair Spa Tips And Tricks

This is something you all want a relaxing spa session right at your home. The best way of giving yourself a good and relaxing home hair spa treatment is by giving olive oil massages. Olive oil not only makes your hair look rich and fine but also keep your blood circulating well keeping your body well supplied.

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You should begin this practice by giving your hair a sufficient amount of olive oil and then you will gently put it on your hair in massage format leaving it there for about 15 to 20 minutes. Then you will have to soak a cotton fabric in some warm water which will be used to make sure that the moisture remains in your

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You will have to squeeze it and after removing excess water, wrap it around your hair to keep the nutrients and steam. You are supposed to keep it in your head for about 10 to 15 minutes for good and effective results. Later you have to follow it up later with a mild shampoo and make sure that everything, oil and shampoo are rinsed well.

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Here it is prudent to be mentioned that after this home spa treatment you can skip your conditioner since olive oil will give you the best conditioning your hair would require and steam will be a cherry on the cake. Apart from olive oil mustard or coconut oil can be good replacements too which means that all your hair needs it good nutrients which only natural products readily available at home can provide. You may want to mix different oils to apply on you head so that a wide range of nutrients is provided to your hair.

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