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Side Effects Of Facial Spa at Beauty Salon

Facial Spa

Every woman wants to feel fresh and therefore pays extra attention towards skin and hair care. Amid busy routines and hectic lifestyles, getting facials at spa salons are by far the most relaxing activity for women of today. Facials and skin treatments at beauty salons can do wonders for your skin, as it pull away all the dirt, dull skin and bacteria from pores and improve the overall texture of skin. After the facial, your skin will feel fresh and glowing.[contentblock id=1 img=adsense.png]Side Effects Of Facial Spa

However, did u ever have wondered what negative effects can beauty salon’s facial treatment bring to you? While the brighter signs of facial spa are evident, there are many hidden downsides to the spa treatment that may leave your skin with terrible problems. Many of us ignore to consult our dermatologist before undergoing any facial treatment to make sure that it fits your skin type. Moreover, before deciding to undergo any facial spa, you must check out the credentials of the beautician who will be performing the spa procedure. Following are some of the possible side effects of having the facial treatment at beauty salons.[contentblock id=2 img=adsense.png]

Allergy and IrritationAllergy and Irritation

Most of the salon products are not suitable for all skin types. There is a possibility that you might have an allergic reaction to some of the salon products. One of the most common side effects of facial spa are redness and blotchy skin, usually occur due to wrong pressure of exfoliation and extraction process. If any irritation occurs after facial, try to avoid wearing any makeup products or using any kinds of chemicals on skin for at least a day or two. Give your skin some time to heal and soothe. To stay away from the worst scenarios, always avoid scheduling the facial treatment within three days of any big event at which you want to look gorgeous and fresh.

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Skin BreakoutsSkin Breakouts

Wrong products and unhygienic environment during facial procedure can cause serious skin problems. One of the most common problems is the post-facial skin breakouts, usually as a result of bacteria deposition on skin during your facial. Inappropriate hygiene, unclean steam machines and improperly sterilized tools are the major grounds for such bacteria. To eliminate this risk, always make sure that you are going to a renowned and professional beautician. Moreover, always request the facial technicians not to use tools during your facial treatment. You can also ask them to use properly sterilized tools for your facial, taken directly from a sanitizing machine.[contentblock id=3 img=adsense.png]

Marks and ScarringMarks and Scarring

Wrong movements during marks and inappropriate use of tools during facial can cause marks on your skin. Most of the uncertified aestheticians use their fingers for massaging or tools to extract impurities from pores, which in turn cause serious damage to the outer layer of your skin. Untrained aestheticians put unnecessary pressure and do overly vigorous extractions during facial that can cause cuts and bleeding. Too much wrong pressure of tools by unskilled aesthetician can damage your skin. In addition, pointed tools can cause infection, and even scarring in extreme cases. To avoid the chances of such serious consequences of facial and to decrease the chances of infection, make sure that your aesthetician is wearing gloves during the procedure.

Excessive DrynessExcessive Dryness

Selection of right products in relevance with your skin type is very important for the best facial treatments. Your facialist should be trained and experienced enough to select and recommend the right products for your facial. During normal facial procedures, the aesthetician will likely exfoliate your skin layer to remove dead cells and to bring your freshest layer of skin to the upper surface. However, harsh movements during exfoliation and wrong selection of scrub can leave your skin excessively dry and itchy. In some worst scenarios, you may also experience some dry patches on your skin after a day or two of the treatment. To combat the issue of dryness, use mild fragrance-free moisturizer and avoid sun exposure. Harsh UV rays can further exaggerate the dryness and can cause redness to your skin.

ConclusionFacia Spa

Before undergoing any facial treatment, it is important to learn and discuss about all the possible side effects of facial with your aesthetician.

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