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13 Filthy-Rich Stars Under 30

Big celebrities don’t choose between fame, power, and money — it’s all part of the package. Just ask Rihanna, Zac Efron, Avicii, or Jennifer Lawrence. These stars are still in their 20s, and yet their popularity and influence have already yielded massive results. Entire websites and publications are dedicated to the subject, providing the public with estimates about how much our favorite famous faces might be worth. Read on for the figures that sound more like lottery jackpots, and then study up on the stars with a look at their surprising real names and best yearbook pictures.

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Kylie Jenner, 17

Kylie Jenner Hot

The reality star reportedly has a respectful $5 million — and she’s not even 18 yet! She may have already started investing some of the dough in her new mansion.

Kendall Jenner, 19

Kendall Jenner Model

Her modeling career is just getting started, but her time on Keeping Up With the Kardashians and her family’s endorsements have reportedly raised her worth to $6 million.

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Justin Bieber, 21

Justin Bieber Photos

Justin’s legal troubles weren’t always a laughing matter, but with a bottom line of $80 million, the singer laughed his way to the bank in 2014. As a result, reports put his net worth at a whopping $200 million.

Ariana Grande, 21

Ariana Grande Singer

If Ariana continues scoring hit after hit, the singer’s $16 million net worth will soon be a drop in the bucket.

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Kate Upton, 22

Kate Upton Hot

Kate earned a spot on Forbes‘s World’s Most Powerful Celebrities list with her reported $7 million income in 2014. By August of that year, she had raked in an estimated $16 million since becoming a modeling superstar.

Miley Cyrus, 22

Miley Cyrus Strenge Fashion

Factoring in what Miley reportedly earned in 2014 — $36 million! — one estimation has her$165 million strong.

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Selena Gomez, 22

Selena Gomez Pics

The actress and singer never needed Justin Bieber’s millions — she’s standing strong on her own with an estimated net worth of $18 million.

Jennifer Lawrence, 24

Jennifer Lawrence

Winning an Oscar may have helped bulk up Jennifer’s bank account by an extra $34 million in 2014. That would have have been a big addition to her estimated net worth of $40 million— enough to cover years of pizza orders.

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Taylor Swift, 25

Taylor Swift Win Award

Grabbing a reported $64 million in 2014 alone, Taylor can easily outbid any of the famous men she’s been romantically linked to. Her hard work already gave her an estimated net worth upwards of $200 million by August 2014.

Emma Watson, 25

Emma Watson Hot Pic

Brains, beauty, and serious cash — Emma has it all. Working hard since her days as Hermione Granger, the actress has reportedly taken home $60 million over the years.

Rihanna, 27

Rihanna Beauty

With an estimated $120 million locked up, Rihanna can afford to have someone hold her umbrella for the rest of her life. For 2014, she got eighth place on the Forbes Celebrity 100, reportedly raking in $48 million.

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Hilary Duff, 27

Hilary Duff Pics

The singer and actress can afford to get picky about projects after her Disney days. Did you know the woman who gave us Lizzie McGuire reportedly has $25 million to her name?

Lady Gaga, 29

Lady Gaga Pics

Lady Gaga shouldn’t sweat her income drop from $90 million in 2011 to $33 million in 2014. After all, she still has a reported $230 million in cold cash.

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