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Royal Tension between Harry, William, and Queen ‘About to Reach Boiling Point’ in Near Future, Royal Commentator Says

William and Harry ‘need to meet pain move into forgiveness

One royal commentator predicts that Prince Harry, Prince William, and the Queen will all have a falling out soon because the family is “about to reach boiling point” soon.

After several recent occurrences rocked The Firm, tensions between the Royal Family are expected to “reach boiling point,” according to a royal commentator.

With future book launches, trips to the US, and triumphant returns home rocking the boat, Prince Harry, Prince William, and the Queen are poised for potential fallout.

Royal commentator Daniella Elser asked “what does an angry Queen, an annoyed monarch at the end of her rope, look like?” in her latest column for News.com.au.

According to Elser, the family’s ongoing conflicts are pushing them closer and closer to their “boiling point,” and the answer may come sooner than expected.

Noting William’s upcoming trip to the US, Elser said: “That William is now undertaking a New York climate event of his very own, and with all the opportunities to flaunt his statesman credentials, may well only inflame family tensions further.”

As per Dailystar, shortly after Harry visited New York for a United Nations conference, there was the New York climate event.

Elser continued: “Whether entirely coincidental or not, this all feels like William not so much treading on his younger brother’s toes but enthusiastically clog dancing over Harry’s bare feet.

“Between the Sussexes descending on London, William launching himself on the US market, and the mystery of Harry’s book all nearly simultaneously bubbling away, are things about to reach the boiling point?”

The royal expert continued by saying that it is impossible to predict how the Queen will respond to the supposed friction between the two brothers.

Harry’s planned book release is also anticipated to exacerbate existing tensions with the royal family because the Duke of Sussex is reportedly “unwilling to give the Palace any sort of heads-up.”

Elser added that Royal Family fans could see “an irked Queen ready to strike” or “a frustrated Queen who would like to wring a neck or two”.

The commentator also questioned whether the fallout could bring the Queen a “bad case of deja vu,” saying fans could see “a despondent Queen watching drama overtake the Royal Family.”

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