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Revitalize Your Hair by Scalp Massage and Hair Oil

Hair Problems

Hair massage and benefits of oiling are the primary recommendation for every kind of hair care regime. Keeping up with the contemporary lifestyle puts a lot of stress on your hair as blow-drying, straightening, curling, back-combing, etc. stunt their growth considerably. Proper attention to the hair massage would revitalize your luscious locks and give you a new found sense of freedom.

Hair care is not reserved to your hair strands only; massage and frequent oil usage are nourishing for your scalp as well. The skin of the scalp actually absorbs all the nutrients to stimulate hair growth and repair the chemical damage. Moreover, associated problems like dandruff, dryness, and itching can be easily solved through hair massage and benefits of various oils.

Steps of hair massage are an important consideration itself. If you follow prescribed steps of hair massage, it will work five times better than simply rubbing oil on your head. Having said this, the procedure of hair massage varies according to the type of oil you’re applying, any specific condition you’re using for and your personal preference in this regard.

For any medicinal purpose, it is highly recommended that you follow the directions of a certified specialist. However, for routine usage, these steps of hair massage are generally helpful. This procedure requires a volunteer who would be performing the steps of hair massage:

  • Sit somewhere in a relaxed position and untie your hair, if in a pony/bun.
  • Start with massaging shoulders and neck in a circular motion with the thumbs. It will stimulate the blood flow.
  • Using fingertips in a brisk manner, apply oil in the roots of the hair. It is important that the movement is not too fast or forced that it might damage your roots.
  • Keep the palms of your hands in tract with the head while they gentle move as well. Repeat the procedure in different parts of the scalp, covering all your hair.
  • Using your fingers, massage across the brow line on the forehead with gentle pressure.
  • Now, trace back to the back of the head while massaging with the palms.

You can improvise in hair care – but understand that everything that worked wonders on your friend’s hair might not be as exceptional on yours since different hair types give different results to the same steps of hair massage!

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