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Black Hair Care Tips for Natural Hair

Here are Some Useful Black Hair Care Tips for Natural Hairs.

Use a Gentle Shampoo:

To keep Black Hairs soft and healthy, it is necessary to wash them with gentle shampoo. In most shampoos harsh sulfates are used to get them clean and they use the same chemicals that are used in concrete cleaners and engine degreasers. These kinds of shampoos actually take off the natural moisture and strength of hairs and can lead to more breakage. That is why whenever purchase shampoo, carefully look its ingredients that should be sulfate free and should be mild or gentle.

Good Conditioning Treatments:

These Treatments are Very Useful to Build Hair Strength and Give Them Moisture.

• Protein treatments: Protein keeps hairs strong and helps to prevent from breakage. Protein treatment is used to restore protein which is lost during chemical treatments. If protein that is lost is not replaced, the hairs will become weak and finally break. For an effective protein treatment, add an egg to your desired conditioner and apply it to wet hairs after shampooing them. Cover them with a plastic cap and allow sitting for about 30 to 60 minutes.

• Moisture treatments: Moisturizing is very important either to skin or hairs. Moistures are used to keep hair soft and flexible. It must be done with protein treatments as the dryness can be occur by too much use of protein. For moisture treatment, apply some almond or coconut oil to wet hair and cover them with a plastic cap for about half an hour.

Hair Protein Treatments:

If you do protein treatments but without balancing it with moisture, hairs can become dry and tend to break. Keeping hair moisturized is a key to grow black hair long. Usually the ingredients that are used in black hair care do not moisturize them effectively. Petroleum and lanolin are often used in black Hair Care Products which are not good for hairs. So avoid products with sulfate, harsh chemicals, petroleum and lanolin.

All these products are made up of cheap ingredients that will not help your hair grow its longest. They only coat the hair with a luster instead of actually penetrate in hairs and moisturize them. For black hair care, you must use a moisture product that can penetrate in hairs. For this water based moisturizers are competent to penetrate in hairs. Coconut oil is the only oil product that can penetrate the hair and moisturize them from the inside. Coconut oil also helps to prevent protein losses and keep black hair strong.

Relaxers and Black Hair Care:

Relaxers are used to straighten the hairs by breaking down protein bonds in Curly Hair and loosening the curl pattern. When the hair is relaxed, the basic structure of the hair gets changed. They continue breaking down the bonds and lost the strength and elasticity of hairs. This is why breakage is commonly experienced by those who use relaxers. So, relaxers should never be applied to hairs which are already damage or on someone who has had scalp damage. If you want to use relaxers make sure that you apply protecting cream on the scalp before relaxing them and neutralize them with neutralizing formula after relaxing them.

Avoid pulling, tugging and combing your hairs from the time the relaxer is used to the time it is neutralized. Avoid excessive heat as heating tools can damage your hairs. So avoid excessive heat as much as possible. While relaxing your hairs, moisturize your hairs daily to keep them soft and supple as if newly chemically straightened hairs are not correctly moisturized, they can become brittle, dry, damaged and break.

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