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Hairstyle Ideas for a quick change

Run out of ideas for your hair? Check out the ways to quick-change your hairstyle, no matter what the length.

It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to hair styling. Your hair cut obviously plays a large part in how you wear your hair but when if you’re bored then here are some hair styling tips to try out.

Short Hair’PUNKY
For those with short hairstyles- when your hair is almost dry, work through some boosting, lifting mousse into your roots. A good hair product to use is Nicky Clarke Lift, Thicken and Shine. Use a crimping iron (yes a crimping iron) on small sections of your hair. Hairspray is one of the greatest hair products to set your hairstyle with no matter what the style or length.

Medium Length Hair’QUIFF
Medium length hairstyles are fun to play around with, sometimes the length can be a bit ‘ in the middle of nowhere- and it’s easy to wear it the same way all the time. But don’t do that! Add some oomph into your medium locks with this hairstyle. Hair products to use here are volumising mousse and Label M Resurrection Style Dust. Use three large rollers on the front section of your hair and blast with hairspray; L’Oreal has some of the best hair products for hairspray. Blast the section with your hairdryer, pin your hair at the back of the quiff and spritz Toni and Guy Shine mist over the rest of the hairstyle.

Longer Hair- PLAITED
Long hairstyles allow for experimentation because there’s so much hair there to play with! Now plaited hairstyles aren’t just for 6 year old girls in the school playground. Surprisingly a plaited hairstyle can look very chic, especially this year’ when the plait has made a comeback. Plaits should be side parted with some messiness. Run serum through your hair and pull your hair low to one side of your neck. This hairstyle works well in a normal plait and a fishtail plait (a little harder to achieve on your own). Make sure the front part of this hairstyle is messier and loose. Don’t sleek the hairstyle down from the side parting. Secure and spritz with hairspray and a distant blast from the hairdryer to set your hair in place.

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