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The Top Summer Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Curly hair is ideal for women who want more styling in less time. In summers where everyone wants to get rid of hot and humid weather, the curly hair can be a problem due to its extra volume. Here are few hair styles which will not only look good on you but they also have the tendency to keep you away from hot and give you a cool appearance.

Sleek and tight summer hairstyle– The sleek and tight summer hair style is very useful since all you have to do is to apply styling gel then carefully comb up your hair, all the hair not a single layer should be out of your reach. Now pull them back and tightly fasten them in a pony tail.

Since this is a sleek and tight summer hairstyle so use some hair pins to bind the layers coming out of pony tail. The sleek and tight summer hairstyle can be adopted equally in casual and formal gatherings.

Pony up hairstyle- If you have shoulder cut curly hair then this hairstyle is for you. You just need to put styling gel in your hair and comb it back wards. Fasten your hair with a band and let the other strands of your hair be at their selves since this is what adds more to this style. But remember that this type of hair style will not only beat up the heat of summer but will also give you an active look.

Taylor swift summer hair style-Taylor swift is one of the unique celebrities having curly hair with style. You can make your own Taylor swift bun. For this you need fresh, washed hair. Then apply anti frizz cream to you hair to make it a bit wavy.

Now take your hair to one side and tight them loosely. For adding fun to your hair style now you can pick some of your hair layers and pin them up somewhere in pony. You can leave the other wavy layers to shape your face.

So here you go. You can make your wilder curly hair styles in summer to beat up the heat and stay cool.

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