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5 Patterns and Style Guide to Braid Hairstyles

Patterns Braid Hairstyles

Summer is all set to welcome the hot trends of dresses and hairstyles. When it comes to grooming, none of the look is considered complete without the classy hairstyle. One of the most popular of the summer hairstyles is the braid.[contentblock id=1 img=adsense.png]Braid Hairstyles

Whether you are preparing to go for a formal festivity or a casual hangout, different styles and patterns of braid hairstyles can fulfill all your needs for great hair looks. There are a plenty of braid patterns that are in trend nowadays. Try out these simple 18 braid styles to stand out in the crowd.

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1. Crowning with BraidsCrowning with Braids

This is simple yet elegant braid that is very easy to make. You need to part your back hair in halves and make two separate braids each side. Later, pull both the low braids up over your head like a crown and fix it up with simple pins.[contentblock id=2 img=adsense.png]

2. Bangs with BraidsBangs with Braids

Use the front half of your hair to make the usual bangs. Now bring the braids on your forehead just like the bangs and pin them up.

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3. Pigtail BraidsPigtail Braids

You can pull a sporty and stylish look out of braids with this splendid style. Divide your hair from the side and make smart braids from both sides starting from the roots till ends. Let the braids hang around like pigtails and look gorgeous.[contentblock id=3 img=adsense.png]

4. Back Crown BraidsBack Crown Braids

Make a back crown look by parting hair in the middle and keep the braids simple and tidy from both sides. Fold your braids towards back of your head and pin them up like a crown.

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5. Braids with WispsBraids with Wisps

Part your hair from the middle and leave a few flicks of your hair on your face. Make plain braids and crown up your head to give a whimsical twist.

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