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How to Straighten Hair Naturally at Home

straighten hair

hair strengthening planObtaining strong and healthy hair can pose a challenge for you, especially if you’re not taking proper steps to care your hair. People wonder how to strengthen their hair. Hair can become damaged for a numerous reasons. Some of these are:

  • Excessive brushing
  • Tightly clipped hair pins
  • Too much heat
  • Sun damage
  • Styling tools such as curling irons
  • Blow dryers and chemical treatments

Damaged hair look dull, feel very dry and brittle, it is difficult to comb, has split ends and may be difficult to manage in all ways. Hair is dead, once it leaves the scalp it cannot repair itself but there are some ways that a person can repair the damage what done to their own hair. Although the best way to strengthen hair is first to prevent weakness and damage before it happens, there are many other ways to treat weak hair and strengthen hair naturally.

Natural Hair care

It is not much difficult to have strong hair, by changing certain eating habits and following natural hair strengthening remedies you can get healthy hair on very little cost and effort.

Natural hair strengthening plan

Hair strengthening plan is compromise on two ways internal and external. It’s not complete care just to apply masks, conditioners and good shampoos to strengthen the hair. Complete care depends upon the balance of internal nutrients and complement to external care what leads you toward beautiful strong hair.

1. Natural hair strengthening eating plan
2. Natural hair strengthening home remedies
3. Adopt good ways to treat your hair

1. Natural hair strengthening eating plan

What you eat results with your appearance, including the health of your nails and hair and also of your skin. For consistent results it is necessary to eat wisely and cut down all unhealthy items from your diet.

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Make sure enough protein intake
  • Balance intake of vitamins naturally instead of having it in for of supplements and tablets

2. Natural hair strengthening hair home remedies

  • Eggs are rich in all primary nutrients that are important for our health. Hair requires an enough intake of vitamin A, D and also vitamin B in order to grow properly and to maintain its best shape.

All what you have to do is, beat an egg into a bowl and massage it into your scalp with your finger tips. Make sure it covers all the tresses, leave it for 10-15 minutes then rinse it off with bit warm water. This mask will strengthen the protein layer on your hair which will visible thicken and strengthen your hair.

  • Honey is an important element used in beauty care regime due to its rich composition in vitamins and nutrients. So use it to handle worn out hair and thickening. Moreover this tip would also leave you with shiny and voluminous locks.

Apply pure honey in tresses from root to tip, cover it with wet warm towel. Leave it for 30 min and rains with water; use your normal shampoo and conditioner.

  • Deep conditioning is necessary for the strength of your hair, olive oil is a best conditioning agent and easily available everywhere. Combine 2 tablespoon of honey and 3 tablespoon olive oil together. Apply thoroughly in your hair especially on scalp and then cover with plastic wrap and set for 20 minutes and rains. This will leave your hair with visible strength and luster.

3. Good ways to treat your hair

  • Don’t comb your hair when they are wet it increases your hair fall.
  • Don’t use hair styling tools they intensively damage your hair.
  • Avoid permanent chemical hair color treatment and use natural products to color.

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