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4 Ways Chemical Treatments Damage Your Hair

No one likes to have the same hairstyle forever. We either keep changing our hairstyles as we age or when we get bored. Fashion too has a major role to play in how we style our hair. Even when we have the perfect hair and style, some of us would love to experiment and end up doing things to our hair that are not always good for it.

We normally ad chemicals to our hair in the form of shampoo and conditioner and on top of it we style it. Styling is okay as long as you do not add too many chemicals to your hair. But that is exactly what happens. When you change your hair color, you add bleach and other colors that are not natural, when you perm or straighten your hair; you still are using a lot of chemicals that cause untold damage to your hair.

Here are some ways in which chemical treatments can damage your hair.

1. Bleaching

When you bleach your hair to give it a lighter shade, the chemicals in the bleach enter your cuticles and damage your natural pigments. When you blow-dry it and try to set it further, you just end up making it weak, dull, and dry. The weakened hair is susceptible to a lot of breakages and can also fall easily.


2. Perming and straightening

To perm or straighten your curly hair you add an obscene amount of chemicals to your hair. The chemicals have to be so strong that they are capable of penetrating your hair and rearranging the bond to make them look different. To make it stay that way, you need to further ad serum and shampoo every day, which means you are subjecting your hair to more chemicals. This is the worst damage you can do to your hair and the only way to really get it back to the original form is to cut it short and let your hair grow out again.

3. Coloring and Highlights

They are not as bad as bleach, but they are definitely not good either. The hair is damaged to such an extent that it always looks dry and brittle no matter how much conditioner you use on it. Coloring your hair not only damages the hair but can also cause a lot of skin problems if you are allergic to the chemicals. Not only does your scalp itch, but your skin also starts itching.

4. Shampoo, Gel, Serum and Conditioners

These are some things that we use on an everyday basis not really realizing the damage we are causing our hair. Over shampooing leads to the chemicals settling on your scalp. Your scalp cannot breathe causing your pores to clog and hair to fall easily. Applying too much gel on your hair and using it every day is also a cause for hair fall. Serum again does more damage than good, so it is advisable not to use it every day.

When you treat your hair chemically, you are altering the natural structure of your hair. It is like a vicious cycle where you keep on adding more chemicals to make it stay that way. The best way is to let your natural hair be and style it without using chemicals. If at all you have to do it, try something that has fewer chemicals in it.

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