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Flirty Fragrances

 Flirty Fragrances

Fragrances not only delight our nostrils but also tickle our soul leaving behind unforgettable memories. Our scents are not only the fragrances but a mirror of our own personality that comes with us, wherever we go, they tell our stories in thousand unspoken, unheard words.

When it comes to romance and flirt, your fragrance should always inspire self confidence, it should make you more daring and fabulous no matter what, it should have something in it to stir imagination. Sweet floral fragrances are good for young girls but if romance is something that you are trying to achieve then avoid sweet fragrances as they might make him feel you’re more suited to baking him a pie than making love to.

Carefully selected are out three flirty fragrances that will make you feel seductive from inside. The scents got the power to set your soul on fire and fill your body with wild desire. Read on to feel the passion inside with these raunchy fragrances.

Christian Dior Hypnotic Poison

“This fetishy, “poisoned” apple will take you to the magical world of fairy tales and Garden of Eden. This ‘original sin’ is like a scrumptious dessert, which works on guys like a magical charm. Milky almond bitterness and caraway folded into vanilla cream unfold against the floral hint of jasmine and the radiance of sensual musk. Arguably a long-standing best-seller for a reason, but you won’t regret choosing it.”

Narciso Rodriguez Narciso for Her

Narciso for Her has an indefinable refined aura of musky and lightly ambery sexiness garlanded with abstract flowers that burst forth their freshness, like a sensuous person just out of the shower. Its fragrance inspires fresh sexiness that is extremely hard to avoid. It signals courting!

Chanel No.5 Eau Premiere

No.5 is what iconic sex symbol Marilyn Monroe wore in bed, perfect for younger ages and subtly differentiates itself from the familiar smells. No.5 Eau Premiere softens the characteristic aldehydes of the antecedent with piquant lemon and more vanilla in the base, yet retaining the sophisticated feeling.

Perk up your romance with these flirty fragrances, and create some unwritten, unspoken memories in the book of your life.

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