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The Art of Scent Selection

Art of Scent Selection

Art of Scent SelectionThe easiest targets for sales reps are customers who lack awareness of the scent selection techniques and sell them the fragrance earning maximum commission rather than the true beauty of suited fragrance. Not anymore!

Fragrance defines your personality and sets you apart from the crowd. You would have obviously noticed that people leave a fragrance when they walk past you and it remains as an amazing aroma around. This is due to the apt scent selection. You may choose from a range of fragrances available including floral, citrus, oceanic, blue sky, smoky, fruity or even oriental. But obviously various tips have to be applied which I realized after countless blunders and now I am passing my scent selection tools to you guys.

  • You surely need to try out the fragrance before scent selection. Going after mere sleek bottles and pictures on magazine covers doesn’t give you the X-factor, rather the fragrance needs to be the focal point. Your scent selection must go with your body scent and suit your individuality else they remain as just the expensive decoration pieces on your dressing.
  • Notes are important. The top notes include the fragrance that is what you smell immediately after you spray followed by the middle notes and finally the base notes that last the longest. The scent selection tip is to wait before paying i.e. let the fragrance stay for some time so you check if it remains the same or loses its essence.
  • Generally you should apply the fragrance on the wrist, forehand, behind the ears or on the neck. Scent selection is easier this way since these are the pulse points and where you may require fragrance the most. Leave the fragrance for some time and let the brand speak for itself. If it is genuine, then consider that you have succeeded in suitable scent selection for yourself.
  • Then, people usually go on smelling fragrances one after the other. This is the wrong direction for scent selection. You must ask the sales rep to give you some coffee to smell as a break between the fragrances. This will help you not to get mixed up in scent selection. Moreover, your nose is also prone to become immune after some time, so rest between the fragrances is essential.
  • Moving further, you never should apply fragrances on jewellery or accessories even if the company does claim that your scent selection will not harm them. Be cautious! It is just a way of inviting mess to your scent selection trip.

I hope you will consider my scent selection tips and will end up buying the best fragrance for yourself. So go out all you gals and get the optimum fragrance that you can.

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