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Ten Things you should know about your Perfume

Ten Things you should know about your Perfume

Things should know about PerfumeWomen love perfume, they always want to have a collection of perfume which they can put it on their dressing table. Some women are crazy about perfumes, they want every single perfume in their collection.  The choice of perfume depicts the personality and taste of someone.

Women love to buy perfume but they don’t know much about them and seriously no one knows a lot, they just use it for the smell.

We will talk about perfume and how to use.

1. One of the important points while using perfume is that usually women don’t know where to spray it because there are some points of the body in which you spray perfume it last longer.  Spray one the armpit and on the edges of the dress. You can even spray a little amount of perfume on the dress while ironing them.  Spray a little perfume on the neck and on the hands and you see that smell will last longer.

2. No one knows that you can even spray the perfume on hair but make sure that hair must be clean.  Perfume sprayed means that the smell is long lasting.

3. Women are worried that perfume will leave a stain but the clothes which are made of the nylon and wool they don’t leave stains.  If you spray it on the clothes made up of silk, chiffons and cottons than yes definitely it will leave some stain so be careful while spraying perfume. Sometimes the stain is so bad that it the color of the clothes changes and you can feel a huge difference between the colors.

4. In case you have a stain on your clothes due to perfume than you should put a little powder on the stain and iron that part, sometimes the stain go away. In some cases this tip doesn’t work so for it you should use ethanol in that area to clean the stain, they stain will definitely remove from that path.

5. Let’s talk about the quality of the perfume now. If the perfume is branded such as Gucci , Ralph Lauren and Channel than you can easily use it for 4 – 5 years till it last.

6. Many women don’t know which is the right place to put the perfume. Don’t ever put your perfume in the refrigerator always try to put perfumes at the room temperature. If you will put it in cold or hot there is a chance of breaking down the bottle. Don’t expose the bottle to the sun as there is a chance of breaking down the bottle.

7. You must have experienced this when just little perfume is left in the bottle, the color of the perfume is changed into opaque. In this case you easily dilute the perfume with ethanol.

8. One important thing that people usually are unaware of it is that don’t ever spray those perfumes which have strong aromas when you are going to attend a wedding, there is a logic behind it as strong smells can affect the smell of food and then you don’t feel like eating food.

9. People usually don’t care about the aromas of the perfume but when you are going to some public places like hospitals or rehabilitation centers that avoid using such perfume which have strong aromas as patients and doctors get disturbed because of strong aromas.

10. If you are a working woman then you should have a keen knowledge that what type of perfume you should use at work and what sort of you can’t. Working women should avoid using those fragrances which have strong aromas because it doesn’t leave a good impression. Working women should always use those fragrances which have lighter aromas and which are long lasting. They can use the diluted form of the perfumes such as room mist and body sprays.

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