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Best Fougere Fragrance

Best Fougere Fragrance

Fougere Fragrance

The Fougere fragrance includes the classic and very popular fragrances for women. The world fougere is a French word that means ‘fern’. France as you all know is the hub of fragrances and perfumes of all kinds. It is a known fact realized by botanists that fern in nature has absolutely no smell yet the word fougere is used for all the important perfumery.

The Fougere fragrance was originated in France called the Fougere Royal created by one of the famous perfume houses that is called Houbigant. The Houbigant itself is an old and renowned perfume house; its establishments can be traced back to 1775. It was famous for creating fragrances for royal family members.

One of the most important perfumes created by this perfume house was a fougere fragrance created for the wife of King Louis XVI of France and the fragrance was called Marie-Antoinette. The history tells us where the fougere fragrance originated from but now in the modern times, most of the fragrances fall in the category of a fougere fragrance.

The subtle perfumes that are applied and have the most amazing subtle fragrance that lasts for long is also known as a fougere fragrance. The fragrance of a fougere perfume can with be oriental or aromatic and this will make the perfumes collection that fall under the category of fougere fragrance all the more exciting collection of perfumes.

Usually masculine and strong perfumes that are too strong when applied and are too subtle when they stay on for a while; their fragrance leaves a sensational and mythical feeling that leaves us in a state of confused sense. The best of all fragrances will fall in the family of fougere fragrance. Some of the fougere fragrances fall in an aromatic masculine perfume’s category and the prices of most of these fragrances is now reaching the sky and the need for the use is increasing day by day. Everyone who works or spends some time among people will have the desire to have the best fragrance at hand so that it mixes up with the self-smell and then becomes the customized fragrance.

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