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Fragrance makes us beautiful even in the dark! And women are all for that….most of us follow our inner sense and elusive taste to choose from innumerable perfumes out in the market today. But it’s insanely hard to find that perfect fragrance for women.

Try to buy popular brand fragrances as branded fragrances are long lasting fragrances. Such as Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana’s, Calvin Klein’s and many more, Dolce and Gabbana’s is an Italian brand and have many seductive and sensational fragrance for women that stays with you all day.

Gucci is a brand which is loved by all and really if someone wants to be wearing any amazing long lasting fragrances then simply must go for Gucci’s fragrances. Gucci Flora scent has citrus like smell which is made with sandalwood, and some pear extracts. Gucci Guilty is made with lilac and patchouli. Adidas, Yardley, Dove, Lomani, L`Oreal are also the brands which have amazingly fragrances products for women for long lasting effects.


The quest for a scent can be a head throbbing roller coaster through the chock full aisles of a departmental store or it can be an enchanting voyage of the senses.

Following tips can be quite useful in finding the best women fragrance

  • Wear freshly washed clothing
  • Shop in the morning with fresh nose and empty stores
  • Never ever buy a scent because you like the add or just because it smells great on your friend
  • Smell a maximum of four whiffs preferably from the same family.
  • Use the cotton swabs for testing instead of directly applying the perfume on your skin
  • Allow some time for fragrance to develop


There are three common notes found in almost every fragrance…top, middle and the base note. The top and the middle note can be alluring yet, fleeting at the first burst of the scent; so for choosing a best fragrance for women, a fragrance that last longer, you should at least give it one hour to develop.

Long lasting fragrances usually have a strong base note. Mostly from the woody oriental family; featuring a strong dash of amber, vanilla, musk or sandalwood.

Once after the fragrance has settled you are left with the base note …and if your perfume still sensualizes your wits, it tells that you have found the best fragrance for women you have been looking for.

Now we are not saying that for finding the best women fragrance you have to be an expert in the field but you can always avail the helping hand from the shop assistant.

It’s just an art to pick up that posh, sensual, and flattering women fragrance which can cast a mesmerizing spell over those you surround. Some of the all time favorites  Include beautiful ,dazzling gold, White Linen by Estee Lauder, notorious by Ralph Lauren, Sensi by Giorgio Armani, juicy couture and pink by Victoria Secret.

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