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6 Top Eye Care Tips for Healthy Vision

6 Top Eye Care Tips for Healthy Vision

Eye Care Tips

Eyes are the windows to the soul and the most enhancing feature of our personality. While we take special care of our face, body and skin, we usually take eye care for granted. Beautiful eyes and healthy vision are gift of God. To maintain our beauty and healthy vision, proper eye care is must for all of us.   Following are the six top eye care tips through which you can take better eye care and help prevent common eye diseases and preserve healthy vision.

Proper Diet and Nutrition

When it comes to proper eye care, it largely depends on healthy nutrition. It is important to take special care in what we eat to preserve healthy vision. In order to improve your healthy vision you should consume lots of green leafy vegetables and fruits which are rich in lutein. Including Vitamin A enriched foods such as spinach, carrots, bitter gourd and papaya, and Vitamin C enriched fruits like oranges and grapes in your diet, is also a great eye care tip.

Physical Activity

Exercise and daily physical activity is one of the wonderful eye care tips for healthy vision. Exercise routine release endorphins which are extremely good for the eye care. To enhance healthy vision, certain eye exercises can also be done like rolling your eyes for five second at certain intervals during the day.

Protect your Eyes from Sun exposure

Protection from sun exposure is necessary for eye care, as it can result in eye puffiness and dark circles. For healthy vision and proper eye care always remember to apply an under eye cream with SPF and wear sunglasses whenever you go out in the sun.

Take out time for relaxation

Whenever you get time, always remember to relax your eyes for proper eye care. In order to maintain healthy vision, you can also put two slices of cucumber on your eyelids. This is a great eye care tip, as cucumber juice cools and refreshes the eyes.

Night Eye care

Before bed time, apply some kind of moisturizing eye cream under your eyes for your night eye care. If you are above 30, pick up an eye cream which is rich in vitamin E and Retinol, as it helps to remove wrinkles and puffiness under the eyes.

Go for frequent Eye Checkups

For proper eye care, one should go for regular eye checkups every 3 months. You should be careful about your healthy vision and should not ignore the importance of eye examinations at regular intervals. Eye care becomes more important if you wear contact lenses.

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