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10 Tips On Selecting The Colored Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

Colored Contact LensesSelection of the perfect colored contact lenses are not that much difficult Contact lenses are available in wide range of colors, brands, designs and can be easily wear and remove. You just have to know some important points in selecting the colored contact lenses and then here you go to add spark in your personality and amazed others, in formal occasions or in informal functions, anywhere you want to. I am sharing ten tips for selecting the colored contact lenses which will surely help you.

1-Eyes are too much delicate so be very care full while  going to buy colored contact lenses you must visit your doctor for detailed check up of eyes to know whether colored contact lenses are suitable to you and your lifestyle or not. Moreover follow all precautionary manners in wearing, removing and cleaning the contact lenses.

2-Look out first where are you going, if you are going to office or attending any formal meeting than avoid loud or glittery colored contact lenses. Wear simple natural tone color which should not too enchant. Natural colored contact lenses will give you sober and elegant look.

3-Some people just stick with one color and some people make changes according to their mood or functions. If you are among the first category then modify the color of your eyes to see which suits or fits you, take pictures with some colored contact lenses and then select the one which work with your face.

4-Bright colored circle lenses like blue, vivid green, violet can go well with those people who having dark skin tone. The combination of bright colored eyes and dark complexion is stunning.

5-If you have golden skin undertone then you should select amber, brown or hazel shades of contact lenses since these will balance the warmer skin tones.

6-If you are going any informal party or get together and wants to be center of the attraction in the party then choose glittery and sparkling circle contact lenses in the shades of lavender, golden, dark blue but do remember to wear dark or bold color clothes as it will not contrast with each other and can make your personality down.

7-Mostly our eyes color match with our hair color so if you want to look natural then change your hair color with the change of your colored contact lenses. But make sure not to choose gaudy shades of burgundy, red, dark blue or purple as it will give you wild, non serious look not stylish.

8-If you have got olive colored skin, then you furthermore might have a vast array of brighter lens shades to look for a clean, sparkling distinction. Dark shades of blue and brighter shades of green offset each other beautifully with this skin color Think about hazel and gray, also.

9-If you are doing makeup then another great method to achieve mesmerizing look is contrast of your lenses and eye makeup. If you’re wearing opalescent green, grey or light blue contact lenses then your mascara should be black. You may use roasted brown mascara with hazel brown contact lenses; it will give you not only natural look but beautiful bright look.

10-If you are applying too much makeup then its better not to wear loud and glittery colored contact lenses as it may give you so much over and out look, select light colors like light brown, honey, light blue or light green color.

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