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How to Do Yoga Eye Exercises

Eye Exercise for Vision

Eye Exercise for VisionDo you spend hours in front of the TV or the computer or is it that you have enough work load and you really want to relax by learning some new postures in a yoga class every week. No matter you are geeks, gamer or a programmer you need to know the yoga exercises specifically for stressed eyes.

First of all get familiar with the traditional yoga exercise pose, but before that also know how to make sure the eye yoga completes the entire body yoga by relaxing the mind at the end of the exercise. The eye yoga helps relax the eyes, reduce eye strain, and is even supposed to help improve vision by strengthening your eye muscles. Even if you are passionate about an all night gaming session you would love the comfort your eyes get through this yoga exercise.

  • Even if you are not into yoga

Even if you aren’t into yoga, don’t worry. There is no chanting involved and no difficult language words to remember or names to remember. Much like the classic yoga exercise all you need is the eye yoga exercise and the benefit is that you can perform all these exercises at your desk or even in front of the TV while your video game is paused all you need is a few minutes.

  • Some basic eye yoga poses

1. Close Your Eyes

The basic idea of yoga is to relax the body completely. The purpose of eye yoga is also to relax stressed eyes. All you need to do is to close your eyes as much as you can, if you do the yoga perfectly you’ll feel much relaxed. Hold the pose for a few seconds and quickly open your eyes. Blink and repeat five times.

2. Lying Down On Your Back

One more exercise needs you to be lying down on your back but you can also pose for this one while you sit up right on a desk comfortably. Close your eyes and breathe deeply for about a minute. Open your eyes and focus on one object. Close your eyes again, breathing deeply, but visualize the object in your head. This exercise is not just yoga rather it is eye yoga that relaxes the eyes and improves the concentration span.

3. Rolling Eyeballs

Yet another exercise that will completely relax as well as strengthen the eye muscles is that close your eyes and roll eyeballs around for one minute. This will make you feel perfectly healthy and relaxed.

4. Looking Up With Open Eyes

All the exercises are simple and easy to follow; keeping the eyes open while sitting comfortably and look up as far as you can, using only one eye without moving the head. Hold this pose for a few seconds, and then move your eyes downwards as if you are looking at the tip of your nose, holding for a few seconds. After that blink a few times, and then repeat the series five times.

5. Cupping Palms Around Eyes

One of the favorites exercise is to rub the palms together until warm. With the finger of your right hand positioned over your left, gently cup your palms around the eyes. if you can, sit on the floor with your knees raised to your chest. While your palms are over your eyes rest your elbows on your knees and breathe deeply.

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