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Get Really Pretty Eyes without Wearing Makeup

Beauty of women is not supposed to be perfect without pretty eyes. In this age to enhance their beauty, women use to wear tons of makeup on their eyes. To make eyes pretty they wear mascara, eye liner, eye shadows and other stuff. Spend money to buy eye makeup and after that spend hours to apply it on eyes. Do you know? You may have pretty eyes without wearing makeup. Following are some useful tips that may help you to get pretty eyes naturally.

8 Tips To Get Pretty Eyes Without Wearing Makeup

1. Proper Sleep

In order to get pretty eyes without makeup it is necessary to have sound sleep of at least 8 hours. Sound and healthy sleep refreshes your eyes, reduce your dark circles and give a healthy shine to your eyes.

2. Cold Water

A weapon in your hand, yes cold water is a best weapon to fight with aging signs that appear around your eyes. With cold water splashes on your eyes you can reduce the puffiness or sagginess of your eyes which is a major sign of aging.

3. Moisturize your eyes

A common mistake is, women don’t bother to moisturize their eyes. For pretty eyes it is necessary to moisturize them with Vaseline. The area around the eyes had no internal source (oil glands) to maintain moister there. If you moisturize your eyes you will definitely achieve a wrinkle free look.

4. Green Tea

Used green tea bags can help you to reduce the eye circles. Keep the bags in the fridge, when they are cold, put them on your eyes. This will reduce puffiness and black circles around your eyes.

5. Eye Brows

Eye brows are the frame of eyes, beautiful framing enhances the look of your eyes. For pretty eyes keep your eye brows in proper shape. Pluck or shave them regularly.

6. Curl Your Lashes

For pretty eyes, play with your eyelashes. Curl your lashes with eye lash curler. This will enhance the thickness of lashes and your eyes will look pretty without makeup.

7. Eye Brightening Drops

There are many eye care drops available in the market. By using them you can reduce the redness in your eyes, the reddish eyes do not look pretty. There are also fancy eye brightening drops by using them you can make your eyes pretty. But keep in mind you must have to consult a doctor before using these drops.

8. Eat Well Drink Well

No matter what you want, pretty eyes, beautiful skin, healthy hair or more. Water and healthy food had its own importance to meet your desires. A famous saying is “you look what you eat” so eat well and drink plenty of water. If you are healthy inside you look fresh and pretty outside.

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